Reconstructed Mind a visual journal

I discovered a wonderful online visual journal last night titled Reconstructed Mind

Bobbie captures odd fragments of contemporary life and using a combination of traditional and digital media reconstructs new images into mesmerizing pieces. Between her journal and her collage, photograpy, textiles and paint found in cobaltika-studio

This site is rich and worth exploring in depth. Am sure you will be rewarded. After my visit I was in a reflective mood.

Sketchbooks of Indigo Sky

Just one link this morning to Indigo Sky. Corey Senderov Jackson has been filling visual journals for a long time. Take a look at them and while you are there take a look at the artist statement too. Is just great and it made me smile.

Most of my morning has been taken up fixing up the odd image link which had broken due to the URL change. I also made a rash promise to sort out a list of textiles weblogs but this is taking longer than I thought simply because I keep being sidetracked.