Social Media for Crafters ebook launched

Social media consultant Lorelle Van Fossen has launched an ebook Social Media for Crafters: Covering the Basics of the Social Web.

The book covers why crafters would want to be involved in Social Media, what they need to be able to participate, privacy protection, incorporating social media in your everyday life, blogging, using Facebook and Twitter, joining groups and forums online, sharing multimedia and the best part of all making contact face to face.

If you are unsure why engaging with social media might help your craft activity either as a hobbyist or as a professional check out my take on the subject written for craft month at Wordcast on Why Should Crafters and Artists Blog

Lorelle Van Fossen has loaded Social Media for Crafters  with well founded advice, that is clearly presented and relates directly to artists and crafters. It is priced at 99c for a limited time (normally it will sell at $14.99) and at that price for a ebook lets face it you cant go wrong.

How to set up a free blogger blog

screen shot of siteFor those who are thinking about starting a blog over on Empty Easel, Alyice Edrich has written a good article How To Set Up A Free Art Blog On Blogger (In Just 8 Steps).

Alyice Edrich has illustrated each step of the tutorial with a screen shot. This takes away the fear for those who are tech illiterate making the process easy to understand.

If you have not yet discovered make a cuppa and browse for a while as there are many articles that although aimed at visual artists can be applied to any craft business too.