Absolutely mortified

If ever there was a day when I questioned keeping a site today has been it as last night my site was hacked. As soon as I found out I immediately got in contact with my hosting service. Thankfully even though it was the middle of the night in the US they were in contact with me within half an hour having traced the problem. I then set about cleaning up the mess.

For those who have current security software it should have caught the file. If not of course do not click on any file that downloaded itself from this site as this will activate and install the Trogan.

I have spent most of the day sick to my stomach mainly because I know that although people are told constantly to keep their virus protection software up to date – they do not necessarily do it. So all I can say is that I am genuinely sorry. It should be OK now but I am going to do a little extra work behind the scenes for the next few days. So I won’t be blogging.