Sites worth exploring: Kuler

I got totally side tracked this morning playing with colour. 

Adobe has a free web based colour tool called Kuler.

You can use it to create colour schemes, share them if you choose and store them if you want. 

You can use a colour wheel to create colour schemes. In this case  I have used a compound scheme. 

The other way to find colour schemes is from a photograph. You can upload an image as I did, or you can use flickr photos.

There is a community areas and you can browse the  colour themes they have shared for inspiration. Kuler is well worth exploring as I think many readers will find it useful and fun.  

Adobe has also produced this informative video tutorial about Kuler


Thanks for the reminder about this tool goes to Liz of Y-Knot Blog 

Di van Niekerk’s New Silk Ribbon Embroidery Video

Di van Niekerk has produced a new video of how to work a Spiderweb Rose with a French Knot center. I am sure readers will enjoy this. Silk Ribbon Embroidery is wonderfully simple yet has spectacular results. If you are curious about this form of needlework visit Di van Niekerk’s website for some spectacular examples 


Sites worth exploring: Di van Niekerk

Teacher and  author Di van Niekerk is a master hand of many embroidery styles is not only producing video tutorials (such as those below) but on her site you can find free projects.

Do explore Di van Niekerk‘s site as if you are interested in either stumpwork or silk ribbon embroidery, I think you will enjoy her work. 

In this movie Di van Niekerk demonstrates how to make a free standing leaf from silk ribbon