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7 Responses to Contact

  1. Virginia Aman says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I would like to download all the blocks for the button box quilt. How do I do that?

    Ginny from Tucson

  2. Christie says:

    Hi Sharon. I’ve been trying to use your contact form but the CAPTCHA Cookie keeps refusing my answers! I’d just like to register my interest for the next Artist’s Studio Jounral course please. Thanks, Christie

  3. Gini Bellettini says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I’m interested in the crazy quilt, art journal & surface embroidery classes. Which one is available first? Thanks!


  4. Nina says:

    I’m interested in surface embroidery and also crazy quilt classes.

    Thank you


  5. Sue Hunt says:

    Please can I preorder a stencil?

  6. Susan Rock says:

    Sharon. I would love to be placed on your list to be notified when the stencil shipment arrives and how to go about ordering them. Thanks….Sue

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