Hand dyed threads for sale

screenshot of website

I have spent a few hours assembling some more of my creative thread packs and have them in my storefront.

Each of these thread packs are unique as I do not plan on repeating dye runs or turning out hand dyed threads in massive amounts.

I have had very positve feed back about these threads and as regular readers know I have been de-stashing so this store gives me the opportunity to have a bit of clean out while also having fun putting colour clusters together.

Please note I have shifted this to the top but I did post this early yesterday evening  I am going to have figure out how to do a ‘sticky’ post that sits high on the page so I can use it to highlight stuff!

Tilleke Schwarz online

screenshot of websiteTilleke Schwarz has updated her website. If you have not encountered her work before do check it out as she is a Dutch contemporary embroiderer who draws with thread. Her stitchery is employed as a graphic mark which is an approach you do not see often.

In all her pieces Tilleke Schwarz captures aspects of contemporary visual culture, in hand embroidery on linen. I really enjoy the childlike graphic style that Tilleke manages to capture in thread as she does not display a tight obsessive control over process that you find in much hand embroidery.

Tilleke Schwarz employs traditional imagery, icons and symbols along side snippits of text, icons and imagery encountered in her daily life. Politics, technology, language and communication are themes in her work.

For anyone interested in samplers and particularly samplers used as a form of journal take a look at Tilleke Schwarz’s work as she regularly makes use of text from what appears to be a journal, it makes for interesting reading as well as viewing!

The site houses a gallery which will keep you inspired for a long time. Do stop have a cuppa and make time to browse.