Bar codes and Blackwork

How the mundane and the consumables of domestic space are represented is interesting me at the moment. Probably one of the most mundane and taken for granted little graphic elements found everyday in our supermarkets is the humble bar code. Scott Blake is an artist who digitally manipulates barcodes and translates them into art pieces. I spent quite a while examining the bar code portraits.

They work on the same principal as blackwork does. In Blackwork tones are created by changing the density of stitch. Scott Blake has changed the density of line to create an image. Do be sure to ‘zoom’ right in on these images to perceive something else again.


I think this might be a useful link for those people who have English as their second language as Tobasign is a multilingual website that presents illustrated online tutorial articles on using gutta, doing batik work, shabori techniques (Mokume and Ori-Nui) and tie dye techniques on natural fibers. There is also an online gallery which illustrates each of the techniques.