Needlework scissors and starting new threads

Needlework and Embroidery Scissors is a brief article which offers some advice on choosing scissors for hand embroidery.

Starting off Using the Loop Method is as the title says directions on how to start a thread using this method. It works for most thread where the direction of the most is not important such as DMC however don’t try it with rayon threads used in Brazilian Embroidery as they will tangle.

100 details for 100 days Day 7

Day 7
Today I have a simple motif as it consists of feather stitch worked in two weights of silk thread, sprinkled with beads. It is ideal for both floral motifs and underwater scenes. Feather stitch is simply worked in a free form way.

The seam embellishment on this detail is back stitch which has been threaded with knitting ribbon and held in place with three straight stitches and a bead placed in between each back stitch.

Bonnie of Dakini Dreams left a comment yesterday to say that she is using the series as inspiration to complete her class block. Rian of Rians pages is a total new hand to embroidery and has joined in on this series too. Her feed back about the difficulty in figuring out this stitch is invaluable as I should put up a step by step in the stitch dictionary for quarter and half buttonhole wheels . Even though she found them tricky her stitching is extremely even. I wish I could say mine looked like that when I started. Susan of Iris cabin has loaded some seam embellishment details that she worked from Carole Samples book on her flickr site

I just have to highlight this. Take a look at the butterfly Candida stitched yesterday. I can’t believe she accomplished it in a day!

I have been looking at the charted designs Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs has been generously posting daily in compliment to this series. I think I might do a dash of reinterpreting and create a band sampler as soon as I finish my treacle block and since it is the end of the month I have the 6 x 4 lives journal postcard challenge to do as well – so I had better get a wriggle on!

For anyone just swinging by this series of posts are listed under 100 details in 100 days in this blog. Over on Flickr it is associated with the Crazyquilting Group and photos are tagged 100detailsin100days

Dealing with Dithering

This is my current WIP (Work in Progress) I thought that I would put this up for giggle as a while back abeautifulcraft was frustrated at her progress on block and she explained her woes here

I play too much with my stash and then get confused with what I want to do and think the other piece of lace would have looked nicer, so end up plucking it off and trying the other, which just didn’t look right either – thus back to drawing board.

I bet every crazy quilter goes through this process at some time or other. This photo is a record of my indecision as every one of those threads that is sitting in that pile I thought about using but each and every one of them was not quite right!

It was ridiculous. I tried everything from silk to rayon, from cotton to silk ribbon. I dithered around trying this and that. None of it quite did it for me. In the end the thread I found to use was an unexpected solution because it is not a commercial embroidery thread but a soft knitting yarn with a metallic blending thread through it.

I am not sure quite why this happens. I don’t think it is an internal critic that steps in as such, but a quest for something to make and area of a block sing.

Sometimes stitching on block just flows and choices are made easily. Other times for some reason it is a real stop start process. I have never been able to decide weather it is the block itself i.e. there is something in the composition of the block, or the colour of the block or the texture of the fabrics used in the block or a case of mood. A simple case of some days I am pickier than others.

It’s a mystery but the frustration is that on this type of block – I call them treacle blocks because it is like wading through treacle – nothing quite flows and the whole process becomes work. The other mystery is that often these treacle blocks are the blocks I learn most from. Often in solving the creative problem I discover something and it is this constant dicovery that attracts me to crazy quilting. I try and remind myself of this while I am faffing about getting pickier and pickier.

I thought everyone would at least have a giggle as I am sure we have all done it.