Textile Culture of India

The Textile Culture of India houses information and images of textiles and the people who make them. You can navigate by geographical regions. I found the site easy to find my way around as each section housing a map that indicates the content on the site that is related to that geographical region. There is also an alphabetical subject index to the site. This means if you are interested in just embroidery, applique, weave or surface techniques you can explore those.

I particularly liked the fact that these textiles were set in cultural context with image of house interiors and cultural events such as weddings.

Rostitchery: Almost perfect is good enough

Rostitchery is a relatively new quilting and sewing blog kept by Rowena who is a costumer for the Vanderbilt Opera Theatre. At the moment she is working her way or trying to work her way through her stash in a SRC or a ‘stash reduction contest’. Thing is people can allocate points themselves! LOL  wonder how you could run a competition between textile bloggers of combined UFOs and stash reduction? Would you do it on number of items made, weight of stash used, time it has hung around? How would you work out a fair score system?