Arrivals in the mail

The mail bought two parcels yesterday. Last night I scanned both items.

The first from Margene of zeneedle is a swatch she knitted. The story behind it and the garment this was created for is over on her blog can be found here . The scan doesn’t really do justice to this little piece.

The second is a selection of bobbins from Laren of The Needles Excellency a fellow Australian and historical embroiderer.

Now I am going to have to knuckle down and do some Photoshop work over the weekend, hopefully I will have a ‘postcard’ done by then. I have been thinking seriously about turning the web associated with this project into a hypertext narrative. By that I mean that within the stories people can click on key words which would lead them to another story that was similar in some way – in that story another key word would lead them to another narrative and so on. It would be a bit of ramble, but conversations in sewing groups are like that. Someone says one thing then someone else adds another, which leads someone else to remember a similar incident and so the conversation weaves. I would also have to provide a single easy to print document too although the ‘journal’ part of the project could easily be printed. I am just wondering if people would enjoy an interlinked project or if they would simply click into a few layers and then leave. It is hard to judge without trying it. I think the graphics would have to be very luscious to make it work. In other words the graphics would act to make something that little bit more clickable and keep people reading.

There could be a number of entrance points to the project which could even be randomized so that every time someone visited they were presented with a different page. That’s the way I am thinking at the moment, any comments?


This reminded me of my post the other day.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
Ellen Parr

This in turn had me thinking about how much I enjoy quotes. Perhaps it is my love of samplers that first had me noticing them. I am not sure if this was it or not, but I do like quotes and seem to accumilate them. If you like quotes you may enjoy the quote mavern for daily quotations. Also check out when everyone is shouting – whisper the author’s blog

Reducing Knots, tips humour and even chocolate!

For beginners it seems that knots and tangles goes with the territory but this article How to Reduce Knots and Tangles in Your Work provided by Martha Beth Lewis holds some good tips.

A little side note: Martha Beth Lewis was one of the women involved in the Playing False show years ago. Here

This site has all sorts of information published on it – from Repetitive Stress Injuries to Copyright issues. It is really worth poking about.
Martha Beth Lewis also has a page of Needlework Humour and chocolate?