Our rose garden

I am a bit off topic this morning a this is really a gardening link – but hay it’s spring in OZ and I am a bit garden obsessed at the moment. With the drought we don’t really have one! We lost ours during the fires and anything we planted is growing very slowly due to lack of water so I am looking at images of flowers instead! If I can’t have flowers one way I will another.

Roses are one of my favourite flowers and the University of Illinois’ extension program has published Our rose garden, a history of roses, details about selecting from the many varieties of rose, planting and caring for roses.

I suppose I could stretch it and say that for textile designers a key source of inspiration has always been not just plant life but the bugs that live on them!


The link heavy Art for Housewives turned up a wonderful curiosity. Streetmattress.com is one of those web based projects that I love. These types of sites always make me wonder, scratch my head or simply give me a chuckle. The idea is to submit a photo of a mattress discovered outside preferably on the street. The humble mattress is normally found indoors not venturing outside. But these images document the adventures high and low of this humble piece of bedding. I particularly liked the “Mattress against war” in the notables section. There is also the Mirror project which is a collections of submissions from people who have photographed their reflection in a mirrored surface.