2nd Annual World Wide Knit In Public Day

A comment was left by Danielle of I frog; therefore I knit to let me know that the 2nd Annual World Wide Knit In Public Day is going to be June 10th, 2006.

A few queries from readers here had been left on last years entry about this event this year but Danielle who organizes the event had moved her blog. Fortunately she found the questions and let me know.

Swap Meet finds

After posting yesterday morning we headed out into a chilly late autumn Canberra day to the local swap meet which Rotary runs each Sunday at Woden.

In my general scrummaging around I came across an elderly lady who had bagged up the contents of her button box and was selling them off at $2.00 per bag. Since many were vintage I rolled up my sleeves, podded poked and generally had a good peer into the bags before I handed over the money for 7 of them.

These are the gems I found. Many of the old plastic buttons are either celluloid, an early plastic or bakelite. The buckles are lovely too. I had not thought of using old buckles on a crazy quilt block but as soon as I saw these in the bags I knew I had a home for them.

I was most intrigued with the two buttons of a lady which to me looks like Walt Disney’s Cinderella. I was wondering if it was a 50’s Disney button. I have had a poke around the button sites but not found any information on it. Shaped novelty buttons like this are called goofies. Many people collect them so I trawled the button sites looking at vintage goofies but to no avail. She is delightful nevertheless.