My Hands and embroidery History

With my hands still being sore I have only done a little surfing and I am still resting them. I have to work today. I teach digital graphics software packages so there is no avoiding a keyboard there. If at the end of the day they are sore tonight you won’t hear from me for a week. In the meanwhile I still have Gmail invites going as I keep getting more to offer! Email me if you want one.

This mornings links:

Cross stitch has a long and international history. Did you know that fragments of fabric that date back to 500AD decorated with cross stitch have been found? Elaine of Classic Cross stitch has written an interesting well researched article on the History of cross stitch. It’s worth a read over your morning tea or coffee.

Another brief article on the History of embroidery includes an illustration of the Jane Bostock sampler which is one of my all time favourties.

Redwork Quilt of Tattoos

My Hands are a lot better but I am still taking it easy on the key board. So just snippits from me today. Firstly I have some more Gmail invites going. Since there is a gigabyte of space it’s a really handy service. Just email me if you want one.

Also receptionista left a comment drawing attention to a redwork quilt she made using school tattoo designs and retro motifs. It’s a great quirky contemporary quilt. It’s also just great to see young women embracing any form of textile practice. I really wish guilds and quilting groups world wide would not be quite so judgmental (I am pointing to the stitching and quilting police here) and set up stitch and bitch nights to attract and include them. There are heaps of young men and women who knit, sew, quilt, embroider and participate in various craft projects. There is also a huge generation gap – so big that many young textile practitioners are not at all interested in most of the support groups and networks that are established. They are setting up their own networks such as With a subtitle like ‘no tea cosies without irony’ – I love the site, the way they just get on make stuff and their energy. Go on toddle over and have a look at what they are making and talking about …

Taking a break…

I had to push through with some work until last night to complete a project yesterday and today my hands are still sore ? so you will hear little from me while I give them a rest. In the meanwhile have a read of some blogs over at or poke around Soul Food Cafe or any of the blogs listed in my ‘like minded’ section at the bottom of the menu bar. I will be staying clear of a keyboard until my hands are once again pain free.