There is a new squidoo list of free form crochet sites. The idea behind Squidoo list (or a lens) is that people can build lists of useful bookmarks around a particular topic. So if you are passionate about a topic or are an expert in an area you can set up a lens. It is effectively a jumping off point where you can share resources online in one place.

I immediately thought of setting a list of crazy quilting links but discovered that Ann Godridge had beat me to it. So here is a squidoo list of crazy quilting links. That sent me scurrying about the site there is a list for Bead art and another for Beading. Ann Godridge is also running lists on both Modern embroidery and Traditional embroidery. If you are into cross stitch, there is a lens for you too. Also a list for art quilts as well as a list of Contemporary Art Quilts

What I like about these is that a lens is RSS friendly so if you use an RSS feed such as Bloglines you can subscribe to any of the lists and receive updates as they appear. My bloglines account expanded by over a dozen feeds!

Now I am trying to resist setting up one of these list but as anyone knows that reads this blog regularly I am a link heavy person and I can see a squidoo could become addictive for my personality type – so firmly pushing myself away from the key board I am waving goodbye!

Walks away muttering to self … it is such a good idea … no it’s not you don’t have time… but it looks fun! … time remember you have a life … but … but … but …

Katrina Quilts raised $1,503.57

Normal blogging will return tomorrow. The Ebay auction for All that Jazz quilts finished at All that Jazz no 1 raising $867.59, All that Jazz no 2 raising $310.98 and All that Jazz no 3 raising $325.00 which brings it to a tally of 1,503. 57!

Money raised on these quilts goes to Baton Rouge Area Foundation / FoundationsForRecovery.org which was set up to help people displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The Gallery online as a permanent record of the project and I will up date it on the weekend and record how much was raised etc.

Once again I want to send out a big heartfelt thankyou to all those people who generously donated a block and those that gave their time. Without people willingly applying their skills to produce excellent handwork on their blocks the quilts themselves would not have had such a presence. An huge thanks goes out to Willa Fuller of In the Willawags who acted as our point of contact in America and sold the quilts for us. The instigators of this project are myself and Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World who acted as coordinators. Linda Barraclough of Chloe’s place acted as an advisor. I would have not been able to pull this project off without the help of Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World who assembled the quilts with the help of Canberra Crazy Quilters.

Ebay fever continues

Ebay fever continues here as I write this, there is little over 6 hours to go on the auction of the Katrina Fundraiser Quilts. You know the really cruel thing is that by then I will be at work and Ebay is blocked on the computers. The computers are supposed to be used for work and not shopping in working hours. It has never bothered me before until now. I have organized a friend to ring me with the details once the auction is over but it mans I am not going to be able to see any last minute bidding.

Here are the links again
All that Jazz no 1
All that Jazz no 2
All that Jazz no 3.

Once again I want to point out that all the money raised on these quilts goes to Baton Rouge Area Foundation / FoundationsForRecovery.org