Fabric art journals group

I hope those of you who are interested in journal quilts have discovered the collaborative blog Fabric art journals . I have been touching base regularly with it as there is interesting work, interesting links and techniques are often fully described. If you do not know about this blog already do swing by and check it out.

All that Jazz news

I spent the evening yesterday updating the All that Jazz Gallery as they left Australia’s shores yesterday. Jerry had a business trip to the states so he is escorting them over.

We had a big glitch last week because Pam Kellog dropped me an email to say that she could not act as our agent to sell the quilts in the states. Everyone has stages in their life where things get complicated and Pam had to pull out for personal reasons. However, it is sorted as after a few frantic emails Willa Fuller of In the Willawags has said she will act as an agent in the US and sell these quilts on Ebay for us.

I don’t think Willa quite realised the sense of relief when she said she would do it but I am sure everyone can imagine. I could have sold them from here in Australia, and would have done if I had to, but I really believe that we will get the price for the quilts in the States. So this is a big public thankyou to Willa for coming up trumps.

For those who do not know Willa, she has been a very active member of the online community for years. The past 6 years Willa and I have hosted a swap between members of Australian southerncrosscrazies discussion list and women on the big American lists CQembellishers discussion list and the Crazy Quilt discussion list. I have acted as the Australian hostess and Willa has been the US hostess. I have grown to consider her a friend and she is a trusted member of the community. In my life I have a number of people who I feel I can turn to when I need them and Willa is one of them. So this is a big round of applause to her.

Anyway yesterday Jerry boarded the plane with the quilts so they should be in Willa’s hands by the end of the week. We have yet to decide when they will go on to Ebay but it is soon. Stay tuned for announcements about this.

So after his departure I decided it was time to tidy up a bit and the Gallery was updated. Now all three quilts are there in all their glory and when you click on each block in the quilt you are taken to large images of each individual block. There are also larger views of each quilt as well. So enjoy!

Please Explain

Can anyone please explain to me why when I am on a campaign to reduce and use the odds and ends of wool, that I discover a pile of scrap wool at the local swap meet and buy it? Also since I am asking embarrassing questions why is it that someone else’s scraps are always more interesting that your own? Now this little lot was $10.00 a good deal for a novice scrumbler like myself but did I really need it?

As I mentioned earlier in the week I have picked up my crochet hook again as I have become very interested in freeform crochet. Well here is a picture of how far I have got. Don’t ask me what I am making as I don’t yet know. That’s a bit of novelty to me as I usually have a pretty good idea of where something is going. At the moment it is the process of scrumbling that has me fascinated.

Probably since I was actually dreaming of scrumbles the other night I am on a bit of binge hence the momentary lapse of reason but hey life is too short to be sensible all the time.

Anyway these latest additions to my scrap basket will make great scrumbles. I thought some people might be interested in my progress. As you can see a number of pieces have been stitched or crocheted together and I have a pile of loose scrumbles at the top of the image.

I plan to add more crochet bobbles and stuff like buttons and beads to the scrumbles. Also there is no reason why a bit of stitching could not sit on top. At the moment however I am just concentrating on getting the pieces to sizable blocks. I have also dug out my old knitting and crochet books as these little blocks are a great way to try out patterns. I intuitively feel that shifting textures is what will make the finished knit interesting. At the moment however it’s an interesting jig saw if nothing else!