6 x 4 Lives for April

Well last month I did not manage to get a card done for the 6 x 4 lives challenge as I was just a bit overloaded but this month I did it!

April Fabric postcard

It is Autumn down under. Canberra bursts into a real show of colour every year and I delight in this season as much as I take pleasure in spring. My eyes have been enjoying a feast of colour as the leaves fall.

Since part of this challenge is to describe technically what was done (whose bright spark idea was that!) here goes…

Firstly I took a few leaf shapes as a jumping off spot for the idea. Then after a bit of a scrummage around I found some hand dyed linen which spoke to me of autumn and some copper fabric which had been pleated shibori style. The fabric has a copper metallic sheen to it, which gives it real zest in life but not necessarily in the photograph.

Next I traced the leaf shapes on to some double sided fusible sheets in this case Therm O Web Heat and Bond Lite. Then I applied it to the copper fabric. Next I cut out the leaves but discovered I liked the negative shape better then the positive. So I chose to work with that. I fused the fabric to the linen and I had an interesting foundation for my fabric postcard.

I decided to add hand embroidery in just two stitches as I wanted to limit the texture a little. I used french knots and straight stitch to tied the feel of the two fabrics together.

I backed the fabric post card by using Therm O Web Heat and Bond Lite to fuse a piece of woollen fabric to the back. I then couched a fine braid, made by Madera, around the edge using the sewing machine. I trimmed the edges, set my old beast to zigzag and went around the edge, stood back and felt very proud of myself making the deadline!

For anyone unaware of this challenge I have details about 6 x 4 lives here. It is not a swap challenge but a journal challenge. The idea is to use the fabric postcard format as a journal. It is a personal challenge to produce a fiber postcard once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about and to share techniques with the group.

As usual click on the image here to be taken to a larger version.

Its a public holiday today as it is ANZAC Day – I did a post last year about the importance of the day to Australians and it is linked to various sites. If you are interested here it is

Links, Tips and the Random Stripe Generator

Sandie of abeautifulcraft has posted a huge list of clip art sites that house Free Victorian Images, Calling Cards, Post Cards, Photographs, Clip Art

While I am at it Sandie has also provided this tutorial on how to print on fabric using Fabric softener as a fixative.

On another note Linda at Chloe’s place is blogging various seam embellishments that she is working on her wagga. There are some really interesting combinations – so don’t miss them.

Finally the Random Stripe Generator is a script which generates random stripe patterns for knitting items such as scarves, socks and larger garments such as sweaters (or jumpers in Australia). You enter a colour selection and stripe widths and it will give you an idea of what the finished sweater will look like.


If you enjoy viewing the work of illustrators wander over and find yourself lost at Elfwood as it claims to be the largest science fiction an fantasy art site on the web.

For anyone who is interested in designing a quilt with a fantasy theme there are enough dragons, fairy folk, goblins, heroes and heroines, to inspire your visual energy to last you a long time. Obviously the artists on this site hold copyright of their work as it is not a clip art site as such. However if you are working on a fantasy design do check out their tutorials as there is lots of information on drawing, colouring and painting using traditional media and digital media.

As I said Elfwood is large site. They claim that you would need “two months of hard work, all around the day” to see everything. What I did was first take one of their guided tours (navigation appears in a pop up window so you may need to enable pop ups in your browser and have javascript enabled.) then went off adventuring on my own with the aid of their search feature

Take a lazy Sunday morning wander about don’t get lost and have fun!