I was delighted to find Kim Brody Salazar’s String-or-Nothing I don’t know how I did not find this blog earlier but thanks to Linn it was drawn to my attention.

I am aware of Kim’s work as she wrote The New Carolingian Modelbook but I was unaware that she was an expert in the field of historical of knitting. Her designs are an example of what I mean when people describe a piece as derived from something else. For instance she takes her charted historical designs and applies them to other areas of textiles such as knitting. Her design work is a contemporary example of what women have done for generations (Basically until they were told they could not) Her work is an example of the process I was talking about in the Samplers and sampling

Kim writes intelligently on a number of textile related topics. String-or-Nothing covers the design process and reports of progress in her projects in a number of the needle arts fields. Embroidery, crochet and knitting dominate but this morning she posted a pattern to sew. This is a great blog, don’t slide by it.

Marla Mallett lace collection online

Marla Mallett has placed online much of her personal collection of Lace in order to illustrate the techniques and structures of lace making. About 100 images reside on this site each notated and explained. Click on the images and you are treated to magnified details of each piece. This site has been online for some years but gradually the site has had the number of textile images increased it is an extremely useful and educational resource if you are trying to identify lace.