Beadwork projects:

Beadwork (produced by Interweave press) publishes a number of Beading Projects & Articles on their site. I was taken with the dancing sandles project although I think I would use buttons! In order to access articles you need the adobe acrobat reader installed to read the PDF files and don’t miss the archives button at the base of the page as there are other projects to be found there.

Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt

I pointed people to a newish blog a month or so ago and I would like to do so again because it has shaped in to a really useful blog with Crazy quilting as a dominant topic. Mary-Frances Main keeps Frequently Wrong but Never In Doubt regularly and points to resources online that crazy quilters will find useful while also documenting her projects. Mary-Frances’s passion for Crazy quilting, tales of her grandmothers buttons and documenting the blocks she works on has won her a regular place in my side bar as I know I will want to visit her more frequently.

Old Records into books

I know some collectors will throw their hands up in dismay at this one – but for me some recordings that the music industry has released should never see the light of day again. One of the things I have on my to do list after I have completed this (insert the great Australian adjective here) PhD is to explore book arts more. I thought this idea is great not so much for scrap books but for hand made journals.