I think this might be a useful link for those people who have English as their second language as Tobasign is a multilingual website that presents illustrated online tutorial articles on using gutta, doing batik work, shabori techniques (Mokume and Ori-Nui) and tie dye techniques on natural fibers. There is also an online gallery which illustrates each of the techniques.

Retreat update

Progress is being made on the wall quilt I am working on I only have the binding and rod pocket to do now. So hopefully photos will be appearing here soon. I am still not organized and haven’t even looked at packing for the First National Crazy Quilt Retreat but I will get there! I haven’t thought about what I am going to wear or mundane stuff like that but at least I know which bag I am going to take. . . .

I have some more free GMail accounts. I really like the fact that you have a gigabyte to store your mail and a search feature so that you can search your mail. The combination means I don’t have to trawl through past emails to find old email or something that I know I replied to. I have quite a few how do you do this or that type of enquiries that I answer every week. Up until recently I answered each one individually and that actually takes time. Now I just search under the topic and find what I have written before and cut, paste re-edit and it’s done. It is saving me a considerable amount of time. So if anyone wants one let me know as I have some invites to give away.

Busy busy busy …

Jerry described my energy output as ‘flat to the boards’ last night. I would describe it as simply fully engaged with preparations for the First National Crazy Quilt Retreat which is to be held here in Canberra next weekend. I still have heaps of things to do, but it’s almost in control (well i like to kid myself). I hope you have not just settled down with your morning cuppa in the hope of a good link. If so check out the bloggers in my ‘like minded’ section. If I am lucky I should have the binding completed on a small wall quilt done by this evening and my “to do” list considerably reduced. I will post images tonight or tomorrow morning if possible.