The link heavy Art for Housewives turned up a wonderful curiosity. is one of those web based projects that I love. These types of sites always make me wonder, scratch my head or simply give me a chuckle. The idea is to submit a photo of a mattress discovered outside preferably on the street. The humble mattress is normally found indoors not venturing outside. But these images document the adventures high and low of this humble piece of bedding. I particularly liked the “Mattress against war” in the notables section. There is also the Mirror project which is a collections of submissions from people who have photographed their reflection in a mirrored surface.

Carole Redlich’s Wild Wire & Twisted

Carole Redlich is a fellow Australian textile artist who lives in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Producing mainly wearable pieces does not limit her exploration of decorative embroidery stitches and experimental techniques. Stitching over cords, braids and ribbons, creating and incorporating her own beads, on a water-soluble foundation incorporating metal shim appliqué, layering fabrics and distorting the surface Carol Redlich builds rich complex surfaces that are suitable for garments, accessories and trimmings.

Carol Redlich’s work also moves into the realm of 3D with the innovative use of wire to support textiles and beadwork. Crazy quilters and contemporary textile artist will draw inspiration from her use of tassels on bags and hats, texture in garments and scarves illustrated on the site and the use of wire supports in items such as Carole Redlich’s tea cosy. I like a well dressed tea pot!

Carole Redlich’s site Wild Wire & Twisted houses a gallery, information about classes and brief information about herself and her practice.

Image © Carole Redlich Teapot Cosy