Marla Mallett lace collection online

Marla Mallett has placed online much of her personal collection of Lace in order to illustrate the techniques and structures of lace making. About 100 images reside on this site each notated and explained. Click on the images and you are treated to magnified details of each piece. This site has been online for some years but gradually the site has had the number of textile images increased it is an extremely useful and educational resource if you are trying to identify lace.

A collection of gravestones:

Have you ever thought about he skill it takes to carve a gravestone? I had a friend who collects images of angles. Whenever I travel I photograph any I find. The Farber Gravestone Collection contains more than 13,500 gravestone sculpture and images. Most of these are pre 1800 and situated in America. The site contains a comprehensive essay (a 42 page PDF file!) To view the images you need to make sure that you have not set your browser to disable popup windows as the database browsing software they have chosen needs popup windows to work. I actually found this interface a bit counter intuitive and the search slow but once into this extremely interesting site worth the annoyance.

How is this connected to my previous post today? Well I am thinking about objects that memorialize a life, memory and what we leave behind.