National crazy quilt retreat is cancelled

Yesterday a notice when out to the Aussie lists but just in case people are reading blogs instead of email I am sad to say we have had to cancel the National crazy quilt retreat due to it being under subscribed. Friday was our absolute cut off date for bookings.

Of course anyone who has paid a deposit and booked already will have their money refunded. Contact Annie about it, her email contact is

It is sad but I guess interest rate hikes and high petrol prices means not many of us have spare cash for our interests and the household budget has to come first. I was looking forward to a get together and meeting old friends and making new ones so it is with some sadness that I write.

100 details for 100 days Day 46


Today I am featuring another simple seam embellishment for crazy quilting.

In DMC Pearl 5 I worked a row of half buttonhole wheels. Next an arrangement of
straight stitches in a finer thread were worked. I finished the row off when I stitched on seed beads. Once again it is a simple but versatile combination of stiches for crazy quilting.

June has joined the challenge and started to share her stitching with a new blog Grandma Ziki’s Stitching. Swing over there check it out and welcome her to blogging.

Hideko Ishida does wonderful delicate work and has added some more details to her flickr site

Murial is stitching up a storm gradually catching up with the details

Marty of Textiles in Time is in the middle of moving house but has another seam embellishment detail on her blog

Debbie of Needle Lil More Time to Sew is talking about making her own polymer clay buttons

Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World has featured a snowman made from buttons

Rissa of Rissas Pieces has directions on how to work an eyelet

For anyone just swinging by this series of posts are listed under 100 details for 100 days in this blog. Over on Flickr it is associated with the Crazyquilting Group and photos are tagged 100detailsin100days

A question answered

Debra of Design Studio left a comment yesterday asking if my next class will be covering contemporary hand embroidery such as Fabric postcard for July . Announcements at Joggles will be made soon but the short answer is yes.

Firstly I will be offering two separate courses. The first is the encrusted crazy quilting course which has run before. The second is a course named ‘Developing a personal library of stitches with Sharon B’ is new and is the one I am currently developing.

‘Developing a personal library of stitches with Sharon B’ aims to assist students in discovering their own language in stitches and is for stitchers who would like to push their hand stitching and design skills a little further. Weather you are into contemporary embroidery or traditional hand embroidery it does not matter but you do have to be interested in discovering what thread and needle can do.

For this reason this six week course will cover both styles of embroidery both traditional and contemporary. I don’t actually like to divide them up like this because we all live in the same age. For anyone who has taken one of my courses before they will know I am not a ‘put this here and do that there’ sort of teacher. I take everything back to basic design principals and give people the techniques to work as they wish. Frankly in my opinion it is the only way to discover your own style. So, in this course I will be looking at designing things like seam embellishments for crazy quilting and pushing stitches to the limit in a contemporary manner. However there is so much there that students can pick and choose what they want explore. There is plenty in the course for both camps.

To an embroiderer, stitches are a never-failing source of delight. No matter what skill level you have, there is something new to be discovered when you sit down with fabric, needle and thread. So I will have instructions on developing the basic stitches and exploring them while also presenting some of the more unusual stitches not in my stitch dictionary. So throughout the course we will explore surface embroidery stitches and some of their varieties – both common and uncommon.

I will be suggesting that people work samplers in order to explore hand stitching. Format can be any way they want it. I work band samplers but others might want to work samplers the size of A4 paper (or US letter if you are in the US) and store them in a plastic sheets in a folder. Others might like to work postcard size it doesn’t matter the aim is to explore stitches and do it your way. It does not matter if your interest tends towards traditional hand work, crazy quilting or contemporary embroidery – this course encourages you to explore stitches your way and to develop your own language of thread.

I know I will have students shoot off in 20 different directions but that does not matter as I want that to happen. Joggles provides a forum for people to post to and hopefully it will mean people will bounce off each other and it will all help to stir the creative juices.

Here is some eyecandy from the course.

This is a sampler which are all stitches suitable for a total beginner who is interested in crazy quilting.

This sampler explores some of the variations and things you can do with herringbone for those interested in exploring varieties of a stitch.

This next one is taking a simple stitch like fly stitch and working it in a traditional manner and non traditional manner.

This last sample is a contemporary interpretation of a number of stitches.

For crazy quilters I will be talking about seam embellishments and designing them but the emphasis is on design and those same design principals are applied to other forms of needlework like the image above. I will also be touching on bead work and beading in embroidery (just touching on the topic, it not a main emphasis)

I hope this answers your questions – drop me an email or leave a comment if there are any other things you are wondering about.