What is in your sewing box?

My post the other day prompted Wendy to ask. What is in your sewing box? over on Quilt reflections at the end of an entry in which she speaks about the things that are found in hers.

Linn’s comment about finding baby shoes in sewing boxes found at flea markets made me remember that a the bottom of mine is a nappy pin.

If I have time this weekend I will have a rummage and see what else is in mine. Who has the strangest thing in their sewing box?

Toddles off …
now lets see what am I doing?
That’s right I am supposed to be working…

Anne Wanner’s Textiles in History

Anne Wanner’s Textiles in History Is a site that has been online since 1996 but it has steadily grown building into a site that provides resources for those interested in textile research and textile history. The site contains the CIETA newsletter, a vocabulary of stitches, information about chalice veils held in collections throughout Europe, information about the third international biennial exhibit “Women in Textile Art 2004″, an exhibition listing. It is also worth poking around in the newsletters for interesting textile links.

Lefkara Lace embroidery

Lefkara Lace embroidery is another type of drawn and counted thread embroidery. Originating in Cyprus during the Venetian occupation (1489-1571) it is still being practiced today by women of the village Lefkara in the south of the island. The site contains an articles on the people who create this type of work, a brief history and details about the craft center from which it is sold.

Antique sewing boxes

All people I know who are involved with textiles have emotional attachments to objects associated with textiles. It may be something as practical as favourite scissors or our sewing machine. In my case one of my most valued objects is a sewing cabinet made for me by my husband. I have a thing for sewing boxes and the tools that are in them. I do not collect them but if I was in the financial bracket to do so I would do. Here is an article on antique sewing boxes provided by a dealer in boxes.

If you have a special tool or item of value associated with your textile practice drop me an email.