The start of an 8 inch crazy quilt block

As I have mentioned before I am in the process of running an online class at . We are in the third week of a six week course. I was asked to blog thoroughly my next block and I said I would. So here is the start.

The first is an image of the block and a number of threads I have hauled out. I always pull out too many but it gives me a range of colours and textures.

The next thing I do is get some basic stitches on the seams as it blocks in the lines. This is just the first layer of seam embellishment and the blue corner is actually more purple but that aside there is more layering and combining of stitches to come. I selected to work two versions of buttonhole stitch, as one is half buttonhole wheels , a double row of herringbone , a variation of fly stitch as it is tied with two detached chain stiches and chain stitch worked in complimentary of gold. I will be using more gold on this block. Detached chain also ties down the rick rack I have used.

As I said this is just the start of a series of stitch combinations. I basically jump in and get a few basic stitches on the block otherwise I dither around thinking about it too much. So I start working the block but always thinking about the composition. At this stage I am sketching in the foundation of the seam embellishments. I thought I would work this block as it is a bit lop sided as you can see and has parallel lines too. In the class I keep saying that its not a problem. I hope to demonstrate this.

Through the week I will blog the developments. I hope you find watching the process and development of this 8 inch block interesting.

A new book in the Library

Well yesterday we ended up going out to lunch. Since it is Jerry’s birthday on Monday I wanted to buy him a really nice fountain pen and since things like pens are so personal I wanted him to choose it. We made an afternoon of it and took in a few bookstores along the way. It was most pleasant way to indulge ourselves.

While having an afternoon of indulgence I spotted 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs in a bookstore and decided to buy it.

The book contains 4,000 motifs that look very useful for anyone who is interested in using designs in craft projects. Graham Leslie McCallum declares at the front of the book that “you may copy or adapt any of them for your own purposes”.

I want to say that it looks an incredibly useful book for that reason – there is design after design that can be adapted to embroidery easily or if you are into any of paper arts could be incorporated in designs for cards, etc I know I will be using it and drawing on it for years to come. It is definitely good value for money.

In need of an answer

Firstly this one has me stumped – does anyone know what Tu-Tu stitch is? I had a query via email from Jeff who is trying to repair some wigs. He said he was told to “tu-tu stitch the hair strands together” So does anyone know what this term means? Is this stich known If you do either leave a comment so everyone knows. If you really don’t want to leave a comment drop me an email.

Chaya one of my students in the joggles class found fantastic online source for free antique pattern books which can be downloaded as pdf files. They are mainly crochet patterns and scrolling down the page there are many which cover crochet edgings, flowers, leaves and spider edgings which can be used in Crazy quilting too. Don’t miss this link its great.

Also Anne Copeland left a comment yesterday in response to my post I want to highlight it because it is such a good response. You will find it here Also Linda at Chloe’s place is tossing about the issue in response to yesterdays post too . Linn of the embroideress has left a message to say she will be writing a post later on today about her views. It is an interesting issue and ultimately tied to what is to be valued and what is to be discarded.

Now my garden is in real need of some attention. So while it is still cool I am heading out there before my usual Saturday morning run around of house blitz, washing and grocery shopping. Now imagine if you can – washing machine running, printer running, while printing out the patterns I have just talked about while I bound in and out the house (to check printing etc) from doing the weeding. its not the most relaxed way of pottering about the yard!