Willa is OK

It’s interesting how this medium can effect your day to day mood. If ten years ago someone had told me that I would be making close friends via a screen I would have wondered what planet they just flew in from. Yesterday I was very jittery as a close internet friend, Willa lives in Florida. For the past 5 years women from the crazy quilting online discussion groups swap bags of material, lace, beads and supplies. I have explained how the swap works before but needless to say there is a lot of email between Willa and myself and we have become good friends over that period of time. To my delight the email this morning delivered a brief message that she was OK, her yard is a mess and she has no power but all is fine. I am not sure why I was was so strung out about it, perhaps it is an after effect of living in one of the suburbs effected by the fires that hit Canberra last year. After seeing one type of natural disaster I guess I am only too aware of the force of nature. Willa is a gregarious personality on the discussion lists and involved with this worthwhile cause. I am sure many others will be pleased to hear that all is OK, hence such a personal post.

The contents of my sewing box…

OK Wendy over on Quilt reflections has asked, What is in your sewing box?. I said this morning I would scan the contents of my sewing box so although I did get up late this morning and the house is in chaos I have kept my promise. I have decided that I do not have anything out or the ordinary on my sewing box at all. Click on the image for a larger version to appear in a pop up window.

Here are all my bits and bits of my life too. Moving from top left and moving the eye across. A small carved mask Jerry (my husband) bought back for me from the Solomon Islands when he visited there. A tape measure behind that is a piece of waste canvas. Next to that is a small teddy bear, which my daughter gave me when she was about 4 she is now 21. A photocopy card, I don’t know why that is there. A clasp off something, which I can’t remember, but which I dug out of my room a few evenings ago as I was trying to find a clasp for a bag but I decided that it would was not suitable so its still in the box, no doubt it will come in handy for something one day. Behind that, is some French curves and a plastic stencil, which I use to draw out designs when I am doing crazy quilting. A little beaded teddy that Annie W made for me is next to a sewing machine cleaning brush, which I use to tease out textured stitches in stump work embroidery. The melted lump of metal is from the house next door which was burnt in the Fires that hit Canberra in January last year. Below that is a hat pin which has a cushion on the top for holding pins. I received this in the US/OZ swap one year. A nail emery file keeps my nails smooth which is needed particularly for silk ribbon embroidery.

Now moving left across the page I have a ring stick, which Jerry made for me. I use it for detached buttonholed rings in contemporary textured embroidery or traditional styles like castalguidi work. A knitting needle, serves to widen the centre of stitches such as Algerian eye on linen embroidery, because I don’t have a stiletto. The square item that has shells on it (they are not quite as orange) is a sample of a needlebook I designed years ago and now use. Next is a needle threader, a coin from the UK, from when we lived there. Beads from the latest US/OZ swap. The item that looks like a wooden ruler is a key ring, two inches long, made of wood with “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I do try to live by the golden rule. I received it in the US/OZ swap last year. Below that a safety pin, wire used in stumpwork, a thimble, and a little gingerbread man also received in the US/OZ swap. Also a little lady bug that is normally pinned to the inside lid of my box sent to me from Marilyn. Some press studs, an unpicker yes I do unpick. Some marking pens and regular pen, a old dice, and a nappy pin from 20 or so years ago. A shell that has been sliced, I have always thought I would design something around this.

Moving down next to some beads, there are coins from Papua and New Guinea, Singapore and Britain – travel souvenirs. The square item that has daisies on it is another sample for a design I did. It is a pin cushion that I use when I am doing ribbon embroidery – I keep the threaded ribbons in it. Some bobby pins, lip balm, press studs, and embroidery scissors. Tweezers pull out bits of thread that I have unpicked, some stray embroidery threads and a small spoon I use when beading. Behind that is a doodle cloth and a small two and a half inch hoop I use to when I need to work motifs in an area on a crazy block- it’s a very handy size.

All quite regular stuff really …
What does everyone else have in their sewing boxes?