There is a puzzle to be solved over at Gina’s

Gina of Patra’s Place is trying to identify an piece of vintage lace that is an inherited UFO. It is a form of Tape lace but not the most commonly known which is Battenberg Lace .

Another form is Princess lace but it’s not that either!

I could not find too much under the term tape lace as nothing looked quite like Gina’s piece. The pattern clearly has Dickel Lace written on it but I can find no references at all to this type of lace in google or my books on lace. I was left thinking that perhaps Dickel Lace was a local firm which used this naming convention in Australia. Just musing on the possibility here – I don’t know and lace is not an area I know a heck of alot about.

Can anyone help Gina identify this piece? Take look and see what you think.

A Call to Artists

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven has put a call to artists to produce a post card for the Postcard International, An Art Show All proceeds go to Save the Children.

Create your own artwork on a postcard from scratch, or manipulate/alter an existing postcard. Only one side will be exhibited.

Postcard should be no smaller than 3×5″ or larger than 5×7″.

All artwork will be sold for $25, unless clearly marked Not For Sale. 100% of proceeds will go to Save the Children.

The postcard must be received by June 7 to be included.