Myths that surround quilting practice.

Myths and stories about quilts and quilting seem to grow naturally about these textiles and the practice of making them. Some of these stories are debunked in this article. Some people won’t like their romantic ideals whipped away like this but I must admit I was particularly pleased to see myth no 3 clarified because it is a constant annoyance to me.

Vintage Sewing Info

This article by F. R. Morris covers stitches used in tailoring and dressmaking in the 1940s. Stitches such as Sprats Head, Crows Foot, how to make a bar tack, bind a buttonhole and do a French seam are described here. The article has been published by Vintage Sewing Info which republishes sewing books that are in the public domain. You can search for specific information or browse by either era of category.