Scrap books and diaries on line

There is an on line exhibit of autobiographical materials held at the University of Delaware Library under the titles of Self Works – Diaries, Scrapbooks, and other Autobiographical Efforts . It is curated by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin and the site includes an introductory essay with extensive notes about the pieces. Images can be enlarged if click on them and there are a good number of scrapbooks as well as diaries in the exhibit.

Crazy quilting discussion lists:

After my previous post I thought that some people might like links to the discussion lists that deal with crazy quilting. Lists such as these are informal and educational. You can learn a heck of lot about piecing and embellishing as there are many knowledgeable members that share their experience. If you live in Australia or New Zealand you will probably enjoy southerncrosscrazies. The two large global lists are CQembellishers which is associated with Yahoo groups and the oldest list is Crazy Quilt which you subscribe to via the Quiltropolis site. All are great, welcome beginners and old hands alike. I have enjoyed many a giggle, learnt many a trick and had many hours pleasure from them over the years.