We have a mystery

Regular readers will remember the Lancashire Textile Project I wrote about here.

Stanley Graham dropped me an email yesterday about a question he is trying to solve. He has restored these an image taken around 1870, which according to the information Stanley has is of the loomers and twisters at Butts Mill in Barlick. The mystery is what is the tool that is hanging around three of the mens neck. Stanley suggests that it may be a tool to aid twisting the ends up when looming a warp.

I didn’t know so I took the images to work and asked around in the textiles workshop. Monique van Nieuwland our no nonsense TA and weaver suggested that it was a tool to assist in tying a weavers knot quickly. She seemed to think that in that profession the men would have to tie threads together often using a weavers knot and that this might speed up the process. None of us knew but this seemed to be the best suggestion. Now there are a number of different weavers knots and we do not know what type of knot was used at this particular Mill.

My question is can anyone help Stanley Graham by identifying this tool? You will find him on the forum of the One Guy in Barlick site.

C&C Knitting works

I was pleased to see the comment from Cindy about their blog, turn up in response to my post about how I was trying to collate a list of Textile Weblogs. I was getting worried thinking that knitters were reading knitting blogs and stitchers were reading stitching blogs and never the two groups crossing!

Anyway, C&C Knitting works is a knitting and sewing blog kept by a mother and daughter team Cindy and Carrie.

Layers of Meaning

It’s a mystery but somehow Serena Fenton’s Layers of Meaning disappeared off my side bar. I must have managed to do it when I was mucking about getting the categories to appear at the top. I don’t know how but I did. Anyway its is restored to its rightful place this morning and sorry Serena if you spotted it and wondered why. Serena’s blog is a great read on surface design, art quilts, and contemporary embroidery and very much a regular read. Why didn’t I notice? I cheat you see, rather than moving from blog to blog to read and use bloglines an RSS reader to keep me informed about blog updates so I had not noticed that it had happened.