A Conflict of Interests

We have a huge table which thinks it is for dining from, but everyone knows it is really a cutting table and general sprawl area for costuming, quilting and all sorts of craft and stitching related stuff. We all know this is actually a craft table with prententions to being a dining table.. It is true although we do eat at it by far it is most gainfully employed for such constructive activities.

The weather is getting cooler here in OZ so I dragged out my wool to sort out and it quietly … sort of … took over the dining room table. I went into the other room to get yet another bag of wool as I have recently been donated another pile and after bustling around and scrummaging in cupboards I returned to the dining room to find Jerry quietly polishing his fiddle with it rested on top of my wool! He looked up at me and innocently said it provided the perfect cushioning!

I caught him in the act – smirk and all.

Well we decided no matter how careful he was being with the polish that we needed to divide the table down the middle. So now we have a his and hers end each.

Remember this image? Well the wool reduction campaign has not really progressed very far. I am going to do a little more scrumbling this season so lets hope it reduces a little!

Just a note to say the curtains are not really orange it’s a combination of the light shining through them and the camera.

Digital Colour Wheel

Digital Color Wheel is a wonderfully simple interactive site. You can use it as a tool to either teach the principles of colour, as a resource to draw on for information it is laid out succinctly or if you are in the mood for a dash of inspiration this will give you a few fresh ideas.

Playing around with the Digital Color Wheel effectively teaches you about different colour schemes, in other words what colours will sit together. To use the wheel you choose a reference color, then move the mouse over the different options. These options are different colour schemes such as combinations of analogous colours, complementary colours etc. There is also a simple glossary to explain color terminology if you are a bit rusty on this.

Have fun with this I know I mucked about with it for far too long . Parts of this site and colour combinations would be ideal to print out and keep in your visual journal as a general reference.

Thanks goes to Ruth Ellen one of my students at joggles.com who posted this wonderful link on the forum that is run as part of the class. Take a look at Ruth Ellen’s flickr site over your morning coffee.

Waving and a bit of work in Progress

After Sunday’s incident Jerry pointed out to me that Mercury is in retrograde. Yes, the man has TWO PhD’s and still knows about such things. I may call him doctor squared but who am I to argue. As he pointed out to me “Computers and other processes that work with information may experience crashes, unexpected failures.” So I can blame it on the stars!

Thankyou everyone who sent me a message I was feeling pretty down about it and nearly just pulled the whole site but I knew that many people would b disappointed if I did.

While away I upgraded WordPress – the software that runs this blog so I am now running 2.2. By the way you can now have a free hosted WordPress blog. It is great software and I love it.

Now if I was going to follow Jerry’s advice about Mars being in retrograde I would not have embarked on upgrading anything or started new things such as this crazy quilt block but instead turned to finnishing a UFO.

I must admit due to unforeseen circumstances things are moving very slowly in the stitching line but, for what it is worth this is the stage my latest crazy quilt block is at. As you can see a little more embroidery has been done and it’s just about ready for beading and adding buttons.

The chain stitched curved seam embellishment was whipped with a rayon ribbon and I have added some silk ribbon embroidered flowers to the lace. Also a large lace motif has been added to the large purple area. I have a number of flower shaped buttons that will pull this area together. I have added another lace motif to the other side of the block. I am not sure if that is going to stay or not but it is there for the moment. This weekend in a public holiday long weekend and I hope to have it beaded by the end of it.