Knitters against Bush

Normally people do not associate textiles and politics together yet they do have a long history. For instance the suffragette movement created and stitched all their political banners. Throughout history young men have died for a textile their countries flag. So perhaps it is more correct to say that the connection between textiles and politics is often simply hidden. This is not the case for Knitters against Bush. I was delighted to see this site and will be working my way through their “comrades in needles” over the next few days.

Fulvia Luciano Contemporary Fiber and Collage

Contemporary life is never simple. We live in a highly complex society, negotiating multiple roles and leading multilayered lives. The work of Fulvia Luciano catches some of this experience. Fulvia states that she is,

“particularly curious about objects that are common, discarded, rusting – their history peering through layers of time and grime – things leaving behind their original purpose and assuming another dimension as they pass through my hands.”

In Fulvia Luciano’s work I found the tension between found objects hinting at the past on one hand, and the complex layered pieces which felt so much like contemporary life on the other, for me, an interesting visual experience to negotiate.

Fulvia Luciano’s website contains fiber work, illustrations, photography, and mixed media work, an artists statement and contact details.

Image: Haiku 27 x 15.5 inches detail (c) Fulvia Luciano