Odds and ends

I would like to highlight again some vintage linens that Gina of Petra’s Place has put on her blog. Gina posted these in response to a post about Lagartera embroidery. To my eye this napkin looks like Lagartera because it looks as if it is counted work but I will happily be corrected if anyone knows for sure.

This suppercloth is a candidate too. This doiley and cloth set also look like strong contenders although I can’t tell if it is counted work or if the person who stitched it is using stranded cotton instead of pearl. If you click on the images you have larger versions available and I have been peering at them as these pieces look as if it might be a pre stamped design which means they are inspired by Lagartera rather than true Lagartera. If anyone knows more about this style please let us know as I am curious.

On another note I have mentioned Maureen Greeson’s newsletter before but I am going to do it again as this months letter is a good one for anyone who is interested in crazy quilting. This month there is an article by Carol Samples, on using her templates another by Nancy Eha on large beaded motifs and Marie Alton has provided a pattern for a card. Betty Pillsbury has also provided a pattern for a Silk Ribbon embroidered Topiary. Maureen herself has added a forget-me-knot motif. There are a good few other articles of interest too. I highlight the newsletter because so often you sign up and the newsletter which turns out to be more a sales pitch than anything else. This is not the case with Maureen’s newsletter as it always features articles, patterns and designs of interest to crazy quilters. I am not associated with Maureen in any way, there is no kick backs or advantages to me, I just think the newsletter is good and subscribing is free.

The next few weeks will be fun but busy for me as the crazy quilting on line class at Joggles.com is starting today – actually since we are ahead by the clock it’s starting tonight in OZ the date February 16 is actually Feburary 16 in the US. I wonder if through the influence of the net we are going to start talking about Greenwich time for things like this?

Take a look

If you want to see this quilt you are going visit Annies Crazy World . Annie has been carefully assembling the All that Jazz Katrina fundraiser quilt and blogging just about every seam. For anyone who has not swung by her blog in the last few weeks the series about the assembly of this quilt is a detailed blow by blow demonstration on how to do it. It is going to be a tremendous future resource as it is a live example of how to go about assemling blocks into a quilt.

For everyone’s reference as this is a great series for newbies and old hands alike, here are the perma links in order:

  • Part 1- The “How of assembling a crazy quilt
  • Part 2 – The “How” of trimming blocks to size
  • Part 3 – “How” to make Linda into a square
  • Part 4 – “How” to stitch the blocks together
  • Part 5 – Joining pairs of blocks Together
  • ONE – the conclusion to part 5
  • Part 6 – Borders to Frame All that Jazz
  • Part 7 – More about attaching borders
  • Part 8 – Quilt Engineering
  • Part 9 – WE have borders…
  • There is only the binding to go now. I knew when I asked Annie to do this job that she would take extreme care and do simply a great job. I swear from now on I am going to commission her to assemble any crazy quilt I make as her attention to detail is fantastic.

    I have been playing with my beads

    I have oodles of beads that are slightly larger than I normally use on a Crazy quilt block. You can use larger beads in bead trails but I would have a trail that was the length of the house, I am sure if I used them all. Something I have been wanting to do for ages is to make some more earrings. I like having lots of pairs for work. So I sat down and made myself some more sets. As you can see I go quite a production line going!

    The brown/orange set are not different colours it’s just the way the light caught them.

    Lagartera embroidery follow up:

    As a follow up on my post about Lagartera embroidery, Gina of Patra’s Place has posted an image of possible Lagartera embroidery. I am not sure if it is. It may be a design inspired by Lagartera. Does anyone know?