Colour Lovers for Easter

Who else saves their chocolate egg wrappers and pastes them into a visual journal? If hunting for all those colourful easter eggs does not stir the inspirational juices this site will. If you are ever stuck for colour inspiration pop over to Colourlovers . The site is described as a

place to view, rate and review some lovely colors and palettes. The idea is to create a place of color inspiration where a designer of any sort can see new and lovely colours… find out what colors are hot, what work well in other uses… and simply make some love with color

You can create and store your own colour palettes. Look at the palettes created by others. I like the the social aspect to this site too, as you can leave comments about the palettes. The site has become a community of people who like to play with colour. Sometimes I have found it a little slow to load but it is worth the wait.

I am off for an Easter blogging break. I will be back on Tuesday. So till then have fun, take care, be safe and Easter good wishes to all.

Art or Craft

Art or Craft is not a rehash of the art craft debate but a blog with a byline of lessons in creative livelihoods. Alisha Vincent covers topics that relate to the day to day business of earning a living from creative endeavors which are both motivational and practical. I have been reading this blog for a while now and have constantly been pleased at the standard of writing and the quality of ideas that drive it.