Fabric post cards as a journal project

Teri left a comment yesterday on a post I did this time last year about using the format of a fabric postcard as a journal project . At the time there were no nibbles but now a second comment has been left by Patsy saying it would be a great challenge.

Fabric postcards as a format interest me, but I must admit that last year I did not continue with this idea as other things like the Bags of fun challenge and the Katrina quilt got in the way. In this post on fabric postcards I point out that this format is ideal as journal project for hand stitchers because the size is small so an idea could be worked quickly. As a challenge this means it would not exclude those who are interested in hand work. I am wondering if anyone else thinks it is a good idea. I suggest that it is open to all in any fiber technique. What do people think? What guidelines etc would be needed? A card a month? Please leave comments and reactions and I will think about it if I get a nibble this time around.

On this day three years ago

It’s the 18th and the anniversary of the fire storm that hit Canberra 3 years ago. For those who are unaware we live in the district that was hit by the fires. Our house was fine but we lost our garden. On the first anniversary of the fires I decided to post and image of the garden each year on this day.

This is what the garden looked like after the fires and we cleared away all the burnt rubbish.

This what it looks like today.

You may notice that in the first photo there is one dead tree left. For ages we left it there in the hope that it would come back but it didn’t so this year we cut it down and replaced it with an arch. I have planed a rambling rode to grow up it and hopefully it will make a nice spring show as it is near the Mt Fuji.

As you can see the garden has come along. Probably the biggest boost has been that in October last year we came out of drought. Since then the garden has really taken off. My energy for it has too for although we re-established the front garden it was slow to grow since we had little water. There has been one little set back as regular readers might remember someone stole my Lilac tree , that’s right in broad daylight they dug up a tree and took it. I still shake my head in disbelief but have not have any thefts since.

This morning we have had rain – in fact as I write summer thunder is echoing over the ranges. The agapanthus looked so delightful that I have to share this shot with you.

So far I have only ever blogged the front of the yard because the back was such a mess. Since for the front we bought in soil and worked very hard getting it going the side languished during the drought. After the drought broke I decided to tidy up the side of the house. Now I am just waiting for the Autumn sales at the nurseries.

This area was particularly bad as a very hot fire was just the other side of the wall. At the time I was disheartened I didn’t take a photo of it. So far however it looks like this.

This was what was on the other side of the white three years ago.

The whole area of this garden go particularly hot and in areas the clay just sat and was clay for at least 12 months nothing grew in it not even weeds! This year we had weeds galore so realizing things can grow again its time to re-establish that area too. As you can see in the following photos it is an area that is very close to the house.

Here is another photo of the same area. It looks bare at the moment and needless to say this fence is new as it was replaced, but it is a start and it will be interesting to see how they develop next year.

In case people want to place all this in context this is the garden last year and at the time I took some photos of the Canberra fires aftermath.

Willa Fuller has a blog

For all those on the discussion lists and those who followed the Katrina All that Jazz quilt, our wonderful Willa has started a blog In the Willawags

For those who don’t know Willa I have been in email contact with her for at least 6 years and she is simply a lovely person, generous to a fault, and devotes a lot of her time to community projects for instance here is Willa’s block for the All that jazz quilt . Willa has a great sense of humour and is always posting useful and timely information to the discussion lists. So I look forward to reading her blog over my morning coffee.