The quilt that made me take up Crazy quilting

Can anybody point to a quilt that influenced you to take up crazy quilting. I can, and this quilt by Margaret Weir is online in the National Quilt Register

Described as

” This is an unfinished section/piece of crazy quilting. Ribbons divide the piece horizontally into three sections; between these are bands of pastel fabrics and embroidery in the crazy quilt tradition. The fabrics and threads employed are very luxurious: laces, satin ribbons and silk velvets. The embroidery is very fine, employing a wide variety of stitches and threads. This patchwork piece is padded with cotton wadding and backed with tarlatan.”


Cover of book by M RolfeMargaret Weir made this very unusual quilt around 1910. When ever anyone states categorically that old crazy quilts were never embellished as heavily as contemporary quilts I point to this one, as Margaret Weir integrated lace and embroidery so extensively you often can not see the back ground fabric. The quilt also has wadding which is also interesting another misconception people have is that the old crazy quilts never had batting. Some did as even then,  it appears the ‘no rules’ philosophy was current.

The image in the Quilt register is not particularly large, so I have scanned the cover of Margaret Rolfe’s Patchwork Quilts in Australia as a detail of the quilt is on the cover. You can see from this detail how as a quilt it is strikingly different. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Note I have changed the link as the Register is no longer live but it is archived online as part of the National Library of Australia’s Trove site. It can be viewed but the search function does not work.

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Crazy quilt template set 2Have you seen my Stitchers templates?

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Instructions on how to make postcards of fabric

Detailed instructions on how to make fabric postcards are provided by Arbee Designs in PDF format which means you need Adobe Acrobat reader installed to access it.

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