Just a quick note

Just a reminder this morning being the first of the month do swing over to the 6 x 4 lives and see what people have made in the way of fabric postcards. I have been enjoying watching what people produce.

Also Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World has images of one of the quilts made from the competitors blocks for the Katrina quilt on her blog. Don’t miss it.

Macedonian Folk Embroidery

Folk costumes and the embroidery on them is a fascinating area of textiles. It is not just the sheer quantity of embellishment that some clothing carries but the traditions associated with such garments. Unlike our buy it at some chain store, wear it and toss it the following year because it has not stood up to wear and laundering or worse toss it because of some notion of fashion these garments have meaning In peoples lives. They take a long to make are worn with pride, hold cultural meanings and stories and are handed down from generation to generation. I guess I like the idea of artistic activity and talent being applied to everyday objects in this case clothing.

The Folk Costumes and Embroideries In Macedonia houses a huge collection of such garments. Do take a look at some of these garments the work on them is fantastic.

Another site with similar content is the Macedonian Folk Embroidery is an index of images of various embroidered garments from this region of the world.