Contemporary textile artists Linda and Laura Kemshall:

Linda and Laura Kemshall are two contemporary textile artists who feature their embroidery and quilts on Design Matters. Their textiles are featured alongside sketchbooks and photography allowing the site visitor an insight into the influences that shape their work. The image is a detail from “Battlefield” by Laura Kemshall

Textile Routes of Europe

European Textile Routes connects different European regions in a series of thematic routes. Needless to say the route I took this morning was “textiles heritage”. Following links lead to numerous large and smaller museums, institutes and educational resources. You can also choose other thematic routes such as Events, Culture, Heritage, Production and Education/Research, each subdivided into detailed categories. Although I found the interface design annoyingly cluttered, clumsy and awkward it is worth persevering with. The information on this site is worth while. In my fossick around the site I turned up numerous small museums and collections in Eastern Europe that I was unaware of.

Artists journals of a contemporary textile exhibit

For anyone who is interested in the creative process, contemporary documentary genres, the nature of collaboration or artists visual journals take a look at Through the Surface a project that features 14 contemporary textile artists in Japan and Britain. The exhibit is going to be touring Britain this year and Japan in 2005. You can follow the development of the works on-line via journals kept by each artist. These record the development of the process of collaboration via journal entries photographs and interviews. The Director Lesley Millar also documented her experience of overseeing the project in a journal.