Graphic Witness

Graphic Witness is a site that collates and publishes information about artists who have created and continue to make, social commentary through graphic imagery. The political cartoon of course immediately springs to mind, but included in the site is an interesting section ‘The Illustrated enemy’. I managed to get myself tangled up in the propaganda postcards of the First World War for too long.

Also on the site is an exhibition of the work of second year students from the Parsons School of Design who have produced some extremely graphic imagery after the 9/11. The site is divided into two, before and after 1950. It will keep you looking and reading for hours.

This site reminded me of another site discovered the other day via Rebecca’s Pocket

We remember Dr Seuss for his children’s books but his political cartoons held by the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego are online. Cartoons are arranged in chronological order, or you can browse the images by subject.

Crazy patchwork bras!

I want one! was my immediate reaction to these bras. Then I remembered that I am at an age where foundation garments are feats of modern engineering. Does wearable art have to be wearable?

A Way to Women’s Wellness has produced a calendar of 30 ‘art bras’ as a fundraiser for breast cancer research. There is some great pieces there including crazy patch worked ones over embellished and standing proud in all their glory!

On another note – How is the to do list coming on? I have the Y2K crazy quilt online now under the title of I dropped the button box . This is really an album of eye candy for those quilters on various crazy quilting discussion lists I subscribe to. This is a Y2K quilt as it has 2001 different bits in it. In other words 2001 different pieces of either fabric, lace, braid, charm, buttons or ribbon. I was a bit short on the number, but my button collection saved the day – hence the title.

For me crazy quilting is about relaxation. I have my serious work and my crazy quilting. It never ceases to challenge me but often it is the pleasure of thread against luxurious fabric that I take pleasure in. Hope people enjoy the album.

Colorado Network Project

Cheryl Rae of Sundancers, Wild Women & Dreamweavers fiber arts has just drawn my attention to a project she has just launched in her blog.

The Colorado Network Project will act as a complete resource for anyone who visits the state. It will be listing of what is happening, when and where and who to contact for further information. This deposited information applies to events, resources, and competitions in Colorado.

This is an excellent idea. Any traveler who has had the experience of arriving home jetlagged and exhausted only to hear that there was a fantastic event, exhibition, or even shop just around the corner from where you have just been knows the sinking feeling and frustration of ‘If I had known!’

This type of specialized information filtering, collection and publication is where weblogs as a genre may prove to be invaluable. Firstly information provided by government funded tourist departments and similar organizations often list large events and this is often because those events can afford to advertise. Smaller events and grass roots community groups are simply not listed because of cost.

In Australia small regional museums and galleries are often tucked away and hard to find if you do not know about them. The practice of textiles as a craft and as an art, is dominated by grassroots community groups. There is support from various government bodies for some elite members of the community but this is the tip of an iceberg. By far the mass of activity is local, self funded and hard to find out about if you do not know someone who actually lives there.

For instance here in Canberra as a local I am aware of numerous events and activities within the textile arts community but anyone passing through would have no idea of the hive of activity the place is. A weblog that keeps track of such events, places of interest and community groups is such a good idea I wish I had time to do a similar thing.

Toddles away muttering to herself it’s a good idea
Oh dear …
I might just end up stealing this idea and doing a similar thing as its too good
no don’t!
you don’t have time for it
but it’s a good idea
no don’t!
Will have to give it further thought
you are muttering to yourself
but it’s a good idea
just think how useful it would be
surely it would not take up too much time
just think it through
no don’t!
remember your promise to keep this stuff in check
you don’t have time
oh shut up!! Who is boss around here?
But it’s a good idea