Bonnet Stitch

It has been awhile since I managed to find a block of time to add another stitch to the Stitch Collection

Tonight Bonnet stitch was added.

Some stitches you look at the directions and they look distinctly uninspiring. Bonnet stitch is such a case. It looks like a double buttonhole with its knickers in twist. I guess that is what it is for it is a form of buttonhole that you loop the thread under as you work. It looks best in a thread with firm twist – which the sample is not. The sample was worked in silk because that is what I had to hand. Most thread types are suitable and you can be quite creative with this stitch. It is interesting if you work it at different angles or use it to couch heavy threads to the fabric. For traditional embroiderers this stitch looks great worked row upon row I have even used it as a canvas stich filling doing this. Try it out I think it will surprise you.

Books that have me charmed

The annual Lifeline book fair was held this weekend. All proceeds go to their telephone counselling service. This means I can always justify a dash of over spending.

Second hand book sales are just wonderful things if you have the hunters instinct and I never miss this event if at all possible. I have already admitted to a love of typography so when I saw this copy of Modern Lettering by ‘Draughtsman’ promising to be “a useful reference for the commercial artist, copy writer, ticket and sign writer, shopkeeper, club secretary and others” my hand reached for it. There is no publication date but I think it was published as part of the Foulshams Easy Method Series in the 30’s or perhaps the 40’s. Imagine my delight when I spotted on the cover ‘shop at blogs’. Page 53 illustrates this ‘ultra-modern script pen lettering’.

I also have a soft spot for travel journals. “A journey to Florence in 1817 by Harriet Charlotte Beaujolois Campbell aged 14 years” looked to be a fun read. I was also taken with the sampler metaphor used on the dust jacket which I admit is torn. Dipping between the covers of the book Harriet Charlotte Beaujolois Campbell is haughty as many 14 year olds are but I am looking forward to her view of the grand tour.