The Leeds Tapestry

The Leeds Tapestry is the site of a 10-year community based textile project of 16 panels which narrates the city’s life. The project has been facilitated and designed by Kate Russell.

As a visitor to the site you navigate via images of the panels or images of sections of the panels. By selecting various areas you are able investigate the meaning of each image closely. A detailed description of who worked that particular image or section of the panel and details about its origin or historical source. This type of accreditation and documentation is something that is often lacking in community projects particularly large ones such as this. It was a pleasure to investigate the site and be able read about individuals contributions to the project.

Textile technique:

The Shirrell Kahn’s workshop provides a brief article with illustrations of fabric collage combined to create a wall piece. Kahn employs print making techniques, fabric painting and fabric manipulation to create a surface on to which embellishments such as embroidery and beading can be applied. The article is written to provoke ideas and stir the creative urges. It is presented as a free sample of Maggie Grey’s Workshop on the Web. A taster edition, is free but full access is by subscription.

Contemporary textile artists Linda and Laura Kemshall:

Linda and Laura Kemshall are two contemporary textile artists who feature their embroidery and quilts on Design Matters. Their textiles are featured alongside sketchbooks and photography allowing the site visitor an insight into the influences that shape their work. The image is a detail from “Battlefield” by Laura Kemshall