2015 Crazy Quilting Calendar

Calendar Cover PageJust a quick heads up as Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me has produced a calendar for 2015. It is loaded with talented crazy quilters and will bring inspiration through out the year.The calendar features the work of :Mary Ann Richardson, Nicki Lee Seavey, Maria Mulder, Kathy Shaw, Pat Winter, Cathy Kizerian, Brenda Sandusky, Gerry Krueger, Terri Lee Takacs, Betty Pillsbury, Connie Eyberg, Allison Aller and Pamela Kellogg.

Follow this link for details, see the blocks and find out where it can be purchased.

This is not a affiliated post , I don’t receive any commissions etc I just like eyecandy!

Crazy Quilt Seam Detail 516

Crazy quilt block 78

The Crazy Quilt details  series of articles each highlight the hand embroidered seams and embellishments on the blocks that make up my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. I hope the eye candy and details give you ideas fro your own crazy quilting projects. For a free pattern of the block and information about the fabrics I used when I made up the block click on the block thumbnail.

This hand embroidered detail is a seam on block 78

This is a small seam embellishment that is easily missed on the block as people look at the bead and button trail on the block. It is made up of feather stitch worked in rayon thread. I added small seed beads to each arm of the feather stitch.

Crazy quilt block detail 516

Free Crazy quilt block patterns
Each block on this quilt has a free pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

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Detail 676 and 677 on my Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler

Sampler section 50
This is a small detail from  section 50 on my Love of Stitching Band Sampler Click on the thumbnail to be taken to the post about this section of the embroidery sampler and find out how I pieced together different fabrics as a foundation cloth.


this small detail is another example of me stitching what was happening in my life or simply marking an event. This time is is ANZAC day a national memorial day.

The stitches are a hodge podge  of canvas work stitches that I was experimenting with. I worked them in different threads of cotton, silk and rayon on 26 cnt linen

Detail on Hand Embroidery Needlework Sampler

The next sample is chained cross stitch that was spaced to allow for bugle beads to be stitched between them. The fabric is hand dyed 18 cnt Aida. (Bugles next to the Anzac day piece seemed appropriate)

Detail on Hand Embroidery Needlework Sampler


This section of the sampler was worked between March and May 2010.


This area is a section in my  Love of Stitching Band Sampler which is 15 cm (6 inches) wide and currently measures 96 feet 5 inches (2,938.78 centimetres), or  32.138 yards which is 29.3878 meters. It is still growing…

Sampler FAQ
If you want to know more about this piece visit the Sampler FAQ page or you can work back through the series of articles by reading them in the the Love of Stitching Band Sampler category.


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Stitching chatter about hand embroidery, crazy quilting, freebies (not found on the blog), tips, news, challenges, ideas, and inspiration in my newsletter 

Work in Progress Wednesday

I don’t have any stitching news or progress to share, as over the weekend I went to the Problogger Event in Queensland. I know many of my readers are not really interested about in and outs of blogging but it was a wonderful stimulating few days. I came back with lots of ideas and have started to work on them behind the scenes. I think readers will benefit from the changes.

The first thing off the ranks will be a revamped newsletter which I aim to write every 2 weeks and I am going to regularly offer freebies to my newsletter readers. I will include stitching and crazy quilting chatter, tips, news and exclusive freebies not offered on the blog. If you are interested Subscribe to my newsletter of stitching goodies!

I figure a blog is always a work in progress but next week I promise to share more of my current crazy quilt project. In the meanwhile I am opening up this post for those who use the weekly progress challenge.

Work in Progress Wednesdays (WIP Wednesdays)  is not exactly a challenge as it is more like a support group! The aim is to encourage people to complete  languishing projects or WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) or completing UFOs (unfinished objects) or those in the process of de-stashing.

The idea is, that if you regularly report publicly on a project you are more likely to pick it up and work it a little. Even if it means the project is out and ‘looking at you’ for most stitchers it means they will pick it up.

If you have something you want to share please do! Leave a comment below with  link so we can visit and see what you have done. Remember to include the http bit of your web address  as then it will become a link that folks can click on to visit your place online.