Module 6 Worksheets

In module 6 I cover stitches that are old favourites plus I introduce some interesting varieties.

beaded double pekanese stitch sample

Stitches in Module 6

  • Alternating barred chain
  • Alternating buttonhole
  • Alternating Cretan
  • Alternating feather version 1
  • Beaded Alternating feather
  • Beaded Cretan
  • Beaded double threaded stacked back stitch
  • Beaded double Pekinese
  • Buttonhole wheel
  • Chained Pekinese
  • Diminishing Pekinese
  • Double Pekinese
  • Double threaded back stitch
  • Double threaded stacked back stitch
  • Pekinese stitch
  • Shaped Double threaded back stitch
  • Threaded back stitch

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Where are the other worksheets for hand embroiderers?

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    Hi Sharon, I just purchased the other two modules. Please email the to the gmail account. Thank you again.

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