TAST Week 29 Highlights

This week on Take a Stitch Tuesday, most people found Basque stitch interesting and enjoyable. Once again I have browsed the samples and taken an age to decide which to feature. I hope they wet your appetite enough for your to make time to follow some of the links in the comments, on week 29

hand embroidered sample of Basque stitchOver on Fat-Quarter, Annet has worked samples that have been tied the loop off in different ways. Pop over to her blog to see her other experiments


hand embroidered sample of Basque stitchBasque stitch was used as an applique stitch on Lins Arty Blobs and visit to see the book of samples she has made

hand embroidered sample of Basque stitchOnce again Chris of Ella’s Craft Creations caught my eye with her mandala

hand embroidered sample of Basque stitchClaudia loved this stitch

hand embroidered sample of Basque stitchI really liked this square sample from Isabelle of  Pierres,papiers ciseaux 

Hope you have enjoyed the featured samples this week.

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Basque stitch Tutorial

As the name suggests, Basque stitch is found on old embroideries from the Basque area of northern Spain you also find it used on embroidery from Portugal and southern France. Basque stitch is also known as twisted daisy border stitch. It is a sort of twisted chain stitch worked in line or circle a bit like a buttonhole stitch

Basque stitch creates a line of twisted loops which looks good on a curved line.
Once you get the hang of the rhythm of this stitch it is very relaxing and enjoyable to to work.

How to work Basque stitch

Work this stitch over two imaginary lines. Bring the thread out on the upper line,   take a large bite of the fabric so that the needle is inserted on the top line and emerges from the back on the lower line. Take the thread across the needle then loop the thread under the needle point.

Step by step Basque stitch 1Pull the needle through the fabric to form a twisted loop. Insert the needle on the lower line and bring it out  just beside the top of the loop.

Step by step Basque stitch 2Take the needle through the fabric and repeat this process along the line.

Step by step Basque stitch 3Worked in a circular manner this stitch forms floral shapes which means it can be used to pattern areas.

Basque stitch sample Another tip is to attach a bead or button placed in the center of the circle is also effective particularly in crazy quilting. Small seed beads can be attached at the end of the loop or inside the loop.

sample of basque stitch

This is a stitch that is absolutely marvellous on a curve. This sample was worked on a piece of cotton batik and I just picked out the curve of the printed pattern.

Hand embroidery sample of Basque stitch Here I have worked Basque stitch in a line. You can create patterns by extending the loops at regular intervals.

Hand embroidery sample of Basque stitch This last example is where I used it in crazy quilting. It is really good at emphasising a line in a motif such as a paisley.