Tutorial on how to Work Beaded Oyster Stitch

Beaded Oyster stitch sampleBeaded Oyster stitch is a variety of Oyster stitch that is quick and easy to work. Also since oyster stitch is a member of the chain stitch family it is very versatile. It will follow a curve well and although it looks complex is not difficult to work.

This stitch forms a pretty edge for items such as needlebook cover, the edge of a fabric book page, fabric postcard or around the edge of of christmas tree decorations

Tip! With this stitch the beading is done during the stitching process not added afterward. The trick is use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye of a tapestry needle is long you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through the long eye. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch.
The step by step instruction samples have been worked using perle # 5 thread

Step by step instructions on how to work Beaded Oyster Stitch

You start an Oyster stitch

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 1Bring the thread to the front of the fabric, insert the needle a little to the left, take a bite of the fabric pointing  the tip of the needle downwards. Cross the working thread over the needle, then wrap the thread under the needle like you would do to create a twisted chain stitch.

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 2Pull the needle through the fabric so it is snug, with the loop flat but not so tight it pulls the fabric.

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 3Without picking up the foundation fabric, slide the needle under the right-hand top thread, above the loop that has formed.

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 4Pull the thread through.

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 5Insert the needle into the fabric at the top of the stitch, point the needle downwards, slide it behind the knot, so that the needle exists the cloth at the base as illustrated.

Beaded oyster stitch step by step tutorial 6Loop the thread under the needle (as you would for a chain stitch) and pull the needle through.

Beaded Oyster stitch step 7Add a bead to your working thread

Beaded Oyster stitch step 8Repeat the process of creating your oyster chain and continue along the line.The first wrap made to create the twisted chain feels a bit clumsy but once you have established a rhythm it is a beaded stitch that works up easily.

Beaded Oyster stitch step 9 Take a look at the Oyster stitch page to see get ideas on how to use this variety as Beaded Oyster Stitch can be used to add a dramatic flare in many of the situations where you would use Oyster stitch or chain stitch.