How to work a Buttonhole Wheel Cup

Buttonhole wheel cup sample

Buttonhole wheel cups are something I discovered while experimenting with buttonhole wheels. I am sure I just re-invented the stitch and somewhere another person has had the same thoughts but .

They make great middles to flowers like daffodils and I use them all over the place in my textured embroidery as I really like working them. I think I find it appealing because they are so highly textured.

How to create a buttonhole wheel cup

Buttonhole wheel cup step 1To work them you need to know how to work a buttonhole wheel and they are combined with detached buttonhole. Both of these stitches are found in my stitch dictionary.

Start with working a buttonhole wheel. Space the spokes of the wheel fairly close together but not packed. If your wheel edge flips up it is probably because you are not spacing the stitches close enough together.

Bring your thread out on the edge of the wheel and work a detached buttonhole stitch. I changed thread colour so you can see what was happening but normally I would have the same colour thread.

Into the edge of the buttonhole wheel work buttonhole stitch. Do not work the stitch through the fabric but around the edge of the wheel. One row will produce a ridge.

Buttonhole wheel cup step 2Two rows produces a small cup and three a deeper cup and so forth. You can stitch beads to the middle of the cup or leave it as a textured stitch.

Buttonhole wheel cup sampleIf you want the cup to go straight up don’t add any stitches if you want it to flare a little add an extra detached buttonhole stitch every two or three stitches. To do this work two stitches into the same hole the same way you would with crochet or knot stitches.

I hope you enjoy this stitch!

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