TAST week 2 highlights

Once again its time to make a cuppa, settle down to browse and learn by seeing what others have done with this weeks challenge stitch Buttonhole.

Again I had real trouble picking out highlights from the collection of stitches that people worked last week. However there are a couple this week were real stand outs as the approach was so creative I am sure you will agree me.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I have featured.

Well someone in the comments said that  “I still have not got the right fabric” but who said anything about fabric!

Swing over to Chittle Chattle for the full post on buttonholing this. It will be interesting to see when the skin dries out!

Zaz in Sweden is stitching on wood!

Konnykards is mixing fabrics on a sampler.

Another person working with cloth along side paper is Lin of Lin’s Arty Blobs

 Another person mixing foundation cloth is Tenar of Tenar’s Cave.

Over on Silk and Stitch you can see a freeform sample worked on felt.

I really took pleasure in this simple elegant approach over on Borduublog

Another simple approach with a European aesthetic is found on Jenaissance


Finally over on Threads and Patches there is this lovely motif.

I hope you have enjoyed this TAST highlights feature. Tomorrow there is a new stitch!

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How to work Buttonhole Stitch

buttonhole stitch sample 9Buttonhole stitch or blanket stitch as many people call it, is actually the foundation stitch for many varieties of buttonhole. This stitch is often used along the edge of projects – often blankets hence the name. Never underestimate a stitch like buttonhole as it is a marvellously versatile stitch. Buttonhole can also be worked in freeform manner with rows stacked to create texture. The illustration above is worked in a fine woollen yarn which was hand dyed. Other textures and patterns can be created if you experiment with changing the spacing and height of the upright arms.

How to work Buttonhole Stitch (Blanket stitch)

Buttonhole stitch is worked from left to right along two imaginary lines. Bring the thread out on the lower line. Insert the needle on the upper line making a straight downward motion.

buttonhole stitch step by step 1Loop the working thread under the needle point. Pull the needle through the fabric to form a loop. Repeat this process along the line.

buttonhole stitch step by step 2

You can create many interesting patterns with this stitch by varying the arm length you can create shapes.

buttonhole stitch sample 1If you change the baseline you can create interesting variations too.

buttonhole stitch sample 3It can be fun to work out different patterns

buttonhole stitch sample 2Some become little motifs in their own right

buttonhole stitch sample 4Or buttonhole sttich can be worked back to back.

buttonhole stitch sample 6You can build up interesting patterned bands

buttonhole stitch sample 5Play with the spacing working the upright parts closely together, or work them further apart.

buttonhole stitch sample 10This sample is buttonhole worked in various threads. Try working it different threads, on different fabrics, or fabrics that have been hand dyed or add beads,  overlap lines of the stitch, or use it to couch down another thread or ribbon.

buttonhole stitch sample 11Here I was experimenting with leaf shapes

buttonhole stitch sample 8Of course this is popular stitch used in crazy quilting.

buttonhole stitch sample 7No matter what you do with it explore the stitch.
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