Work in Progress report

diamond crazy quilt block


It is time for a work in progress report on my diamond block crazy quilt. As I promised on my declaration of UFOs and WISPs this year I would try and post images of projects as I work them. I keep meaning to take photos but I forget! Anyway I thought it was time to correct the habit.

Regular readers will remember that these diamond shaped blocks are part of a crazy quilt I am working on. I have the blocks pieced and I am in the process of adding the hand embroidery. Once the blocks are embroidered, I  plan to set them in traditional scrap quilt pattern called  a baby tumbling block pattern.

The top crazy quilt block has a spray of silk ribbon embroidery Iris bursting from a cluster of buttons. The larger button is vintage the other two are regular modern plastic buttons. The red lace is hand dyed by me using procion dyes. The yellow orange fabric with a paisley pattern is an old tie that I cut up and used.

Blue purple diamond crazy quilt block


This blue purplish crazy quilt diamond block has spray of bullion knot bud flowers that are tucked into feather stitch stems. The flowers are worked in hand dyed cotton perle # 8 thread. The base of each flower bud is cast on stitch worked in the same thread as the feather stitch. To the middle of each bullion knot bud I added two straight stitches in a metallic thread and stitched a seed bead to the end.

The butterfly and pink/mauve lace are hand dyed using procion dyes and  beaded the lace butterfly which was fun.

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