Woven detached chain stitch tutorial

how to work Woven detached chain stitchWoven detached chain stitch is not only simple to work but it also makes delightful little leaf shapes that can be used in floral sprays. Woven detached chain stitch is as it sounds a detached chain stitch which has been been woven or laced with thread.It is fun to do and looks great if you use a variegated or hand dyed thread to weave the stitch.

How to hand Embroider Woven detached chain stitch

The stitch starts out as a detached chain that is worked in slightly loose manner since the loop of the chain stitch acts as the foundation on which to weave. The weaving will pull the thread tighter.

how to work Woven detached chain stitchTake a thread to the back and bring your thread out at the top of the chain stitch.

how to work Woven detached chain stitchSlide your needle under one side of the chain stitch pointing your needle towards the centre. You are not going through the fabric just under the loop of the chain stitch.

how to work Woven detached chain stitchPull the needle through to the other side of the chain stitch. Turn your needle slide the needle under the loop of the chain stitch keeping the needle pointing towards the centre.

Pull the needle through to the other side of the chain stitch.

how to work Woven detached chain stitchRepeat this weaving action back and forth. As you weave pack the weaving slightly by nudging the weaving up the chain stitch with the end of the needle.

how to work Woven detached chain stitchWhen you get to the base of the chain stitch pack it neatly and take your thread to the back of your work and finish off.

As you can see Woven detached chain stitch makes a little leaf shape. I hope you enjoy and have loads fun with this stitch.

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TAST Week 8 Highlights

Once again it’s time to make a cuppa, take a few moment and  and browse some of the TAST challenge highlights.

Luiz Vaz over on stitching fingers has once again created a wonderful sample of chain stitch

Lins work over on her Arty blobs made me think of spring starting to emerge

Fibber Dabbler celebrated the New Orleans  Mardis Gras in chain stitch 

Needlewoman of Reading and Stitching in IL created a flower motif in chain stitch and based her design on a piece of vintage  jewellery.

Over on Crazypatch there is a delightful sampler using chain stitch to secure lace.

Zaz of Mainly Zaz is still stitching on timber

Chris Richards of Ella’s Craft Creations gets featured again with this chain stitch sample!

Over on Pour une Poignée de Boutons I admired this representation of a peacock feather worked in chain stitch.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks selection. Dont forget to visit the page for week 8 and browse some of the links left in the comments as there are some great samples being worked for this challenge.


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Chain Stitch

Instructions on how to work chain stitch

Chain stitch can be used to create a line. It is also known as tambour stitch and point de chainette.

step by step instructions for chain stitch 1Bring the needle up through the fabric and hold the thread with the left thumb. Insert the needle as illustrated, so that the point emerges a short space along the line to be stitched.

step by step instructions for chain stitch 2With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric to make the first stitch.

Insert the needle into the middle of the chain stitch with the point emerging further along the line. Once again wrap the thread under the needle and pull through.

step by step instructions for chain stitch 3Continue in this manner along the line

chain stitch sample 2Chain stitch worked in fine knitting yarn.

chain stitch sample 3Chain stitch worked in silk thread on a crazy quilt block

chain stitch sample 1Chain stitch is known as a linear stitch because it is good for lines.

chain stitch sample 4