I just know I am going to get side tracked with this …

Yes this is a definite derailing moment. Look what arrived in the post the other day.

colour streams packageHere is the back story. I was asked to review some of the Colourstreams products and agreed, thinking I work a little a sample, review their threads and move on. It is not going to work out like that.

As soon as I saw what tumbled out of the packet my mind started to race as the colours of the fabrics are inspirational. I like to stay on track and I have a a large project (the lace quilt) nearly finished so I was trying to be disciplined and not start a new project. Then when I dug deep into the pack these little cupped sequins were hiding and I was done for. They are cupped flower shaped sequins – ideal for any crazy quilt project. Take a look at their store and you will see what I mean.

colour streams sequinsI have been itching to take a break from my quilt blocks and I am in the mood to work in brighter colours and the colour streams silk threads look wonderful. So I have decided to work a project using these products and I will share what I am doing in a series of posts. It means it will be a longer review rather than quick little sample stitched and written up, but it will be more fun to make something.

I received in my packet some silk rayon velvet which is to die for (no pun intended) , Hand dyed crinkle silk chiffon, hand dyed habotai silk and some silk organza. I will add to these fabrics to make a crazy quilt project I have been thinking about a long time.

So far, I am impressed as obviously the colours are inspiring. The quality both fabric and threads looks top notch and I have no hesitation in investing time in this.

For this project I am currently designing a cross between a modern sewing organiser and a traditional hussif. I have been wanting to make this for a while and hoarding little sewing related charms for a while and have decided to combine them with what has been sent.

Apart from the free samples I do not gain financially from this review or the ones I will write over the next few weeks. In other words I am not paid to write them. I am not affiliated in any way with Colourstreams.

Well I am off to have fun and to piece myself a sewing organiser and start stitching with these lovely threads.

Mmmm… now lets see I need a scissor keep, a needlecase, a pocket for my stencils, and something to hold treads… thinks to self  …do a I need a bag to keep this hussif in? This project is going to be fun! Watch it grow… Oh I could have a little extra pouch for goodies to go in …. NO! please people dont let it grow…  well maybe a little bit

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Crazy quilt supplies

screenshotHeads up for all those folks enrolled in my Crazy quilting class. I am receiving emails about where to buy supplies and particularly lace etc. I noticed that Cathy’s Crazy by Design Etsy shop has been restocked with some really nice stuff so I thought I would share it here.

I am NOT affiliated in any way and get no kick back – not even a discount in her shop and feel I can recommend her honestly. I know Cathy as I met her when I taught in the States and as a customer have found her service is good.

So if you are in the shopping mood do check out Cathy’s Crazy by Design Etsy shop. Her hand dyed laces caught my eye but browse the other areas too. I loved the swan and Carousel horse on this page.

If you have forgotten where the list of supplies needed, you can find it  here below the description of the class.

Cathy`s Crazy by Design 3rd Anniversary Sale

screenshot of websiteCathy`s Crazy by Design is having a sale. I dont need any more lace – I cant justify buying any more crazy quilting supplies but … There is sale going on and I feel the need for self indulgence.

Cathy`s Crazy by Design sells Venise laces, and for those that don’t have a huge crazy quilting stock – fancy fabric packs
At the moment you can get 20% off with code CRAZY20 (you use code at checkout)
The Sale runs until July 4th, 2013.

I am not affiliated in any way with Cathy`s Crazy by Design and I  receive no payment or any kick back form Cathy I just like her stuff !