Hand Embroidery sampler details 731-735

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 735Two dramatic bands on my hand embroidery sampler are 734 and 735. Both are samples of Threaded Arrow stitch. Above is a band where I worked a line of arrow stitch and then a line of threaded arrow. The foundation Arrow stitches on all rows is worked in a hand dyed silk thread that is the same  thickness  as cotton perle #5. I then laced every second line of stitches with a slightly thicker thread.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 734The second is  sample of threaded arrow stitch is 4 rows of arrow stitches that are arranged so that duel row face each other. The foundation thread is a linen thread and blue thread is a crochet cotton.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 731Hand embroidery sampler detail 731 is a small unassuming line of crossed buttonhole stitch worked in a hand dyed silk thread.


Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 733Detail 733 is an interesting variation of buttonhole called Fancy Bobbin Edging which I discovered in an old book called The Batsford Encyclopeadia of Stitches by Anne Butler. This book was published in the late 1970’s and looks very dated with black and white illustrations that are not always clear but there are some interesting varieties in it this is one of them.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 732

Needlework sampler section 51 eDetail  732 is also Fancy Bobbin Edging  used to couch down some ribbon. The second line is Fancy Bobbin Edging spaced a bit wider. As you can see I was experimenting with it before I realised it looked better with a close spacing and then I hit upon the idea of changing the height of the vertical arms of the stitch in order to create a pattern.

I hope you enjoy seeing these close up details of my hand embroidery sampler which  are part of an on going series of articles here on Pintangle. The sampler is only 6 inches wide but it is 96 feet 5 inches or 29.3878 meters long you can read about why it exists on the Sampler FAQ page

TAST Week 18 Highlights

crossed buttonhole stitch sample Lots of people had not encountered crossed buttonhole stitch before and it appears they enjoyed working and experimenting with it.

Once again make a cuppa of your favourite beverage and take some time out of a busy day. For a few moments let me share some highlights from the challenge this week.

I found these feathers worked by Shirley on Stitches and Life to be a very creative interpretation of the stitch.

crossed buttonhole stitch sample

Masha Ashenka created a very interesting sample and incorporated a button

crossed buttonhole stitch sample

Anna Kousi shared her fish worked in crossed buttonhole, on stitchin fingers. Follow the link to see a larger version

crossed buttonhole stitch sample

Claudia of fabric fusion worked her samples in the round

I think Luiz Vaz has set himself the challenge of being featured every week! This Mexican Wave made me smile. I look forward to his highly creative interpretations every week. (Do pop over and read his explanation about this piece)

crossed buttonhole stitch sample

Over on Jizee6687 there is a very interesting sampler worked by Chitra. Do visit as there are close ups of each band and some varieties are very interesting.I particularly liked the feathered version.

Once again don’t let these few samples lead you to think that these are the only worthwhile samples to be seen. Follow some of the links in the comments, of week 18 and I promise you there is more eye candy, interesting ideas and applications of the stitch. There is always something fresh to learn and see with this challenge.

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

How to work Crossed Buttonhole Stitch

crossed buttonhole stitch sample

Crossed buttonhole stitch is an interesting variety of buttonhole. You can create patterns and interesting borders with this stitch.

How to embroider Crossed Buttonhole Stitch

You need to know basic buttonhole to work this stitch, as it consists of pairs of angled buttonhole stitches which are crossed.

step by step tutorial on crossed buttonhole 1

Work between two imaginary lines. Bring the thread out on the lower line and insert at an angle with the tip of the needle pointing left. Loop the working thread under the needle point.

step by step tutorial on crossed buttonhole 2Pull the needle through the fabric to form the first stitch.

step by step tutorial on crossed buttonhole 3Insert the needle to the left of the first stitch, at an angle with the tip of the needle pointing right. Loop the working thread under the needle point and pull the needle through the fabric to cross the last stitch.

step by step tutorial on crossed buttonhole 4Repeat this process along the line.

step by step tutorial on crossed buttonhole5I have to admit that when you first look at this stitch it looks a little mundane but there really is many create ways  you can work with it.

Crossed buttonhole stitch sample 1You can stack it, work the stitch in a square and overlay it.In the sample below I have worked the units of crossed buttonhole in a square pattern and added beads to the middle. The thread is an overdyed cotton perle #5.

Crossed buttonhole stitch sample 3You can also create variations by changing the spacing of the stitch or lengthening the height of the arms on the stitch

Crossed buttonhole stitch sample 2It is also interesting to use this stitch to couch on textured threads. In the sample below I have used it to couch down eyelash thread. I also added beads to create an interesting edge. This decoration could also be used in crazy quilting.

Crossed buttonhole stitch sample 4There are also numerous possibilities if you work it diagonally or extend one of the arms too!

sample of stitch

Worked evenly and row upon row a patterns are easily achieved. It is a stitch that is worth playing about with as experimentation will lead to some fun and interesting results.