Beaded Fern Stitch

Beaded Fern stitch is s simple, versatile variety of Fern stitch and is ideal to use in floral sprays and is an ideal stitch to use for simple Christmas wreaths.

beaded fern stitch sampleIn this sample I have used perle #8 hand dyed variegated thread and a size a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the beading is done during the stitching process not added afterward use a 26 tapestry needle. The eye of a tapestry needle is long which means you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch. I have used seed beads in this sample.

How to work Beaded Fern Stitch

Beaded Fern Stitch consists of a simple arrangement of 3 straight stitches along a central line. Every second arm along the line you add beads to.

beaded fern stitch step 1
Work 3 straight stitches as you would with ferns stitch and bring your working thread out from the back of the fabric. Thread 2 or 3 seed beads on to your needle.

beaded fern stitch step 2With the beads on the thread work a straight stitch on the left side.

beaded fern stitch step 3With the beads on the thread work a straight stitch on the other side. Next work a unit of 3 straight stitches that are normal fern stitch.

beaded fern stitch step 4This pattern is repeated along the line. Beaded Fern stitch is pretty particularly when worked on a curve or in a free form manner. You can also use bugle beads or even some novelty beads if they are the right size.

How to embroider Fern stitch

fern stitch sampleFern stitch is a easy quickly worked, stitch that is ideal to use in floral sprays and at Christmas time it is ideal in simple wreaths. You can also work this stitch in groups of 3 to make a bird foot print. It is ideal to create a trail of prints across a sandy beach scene.

In this sample I have worked it on the diagonal to keep the demonstration simple but this stitch is ideal to work on flowing curves. The other way you can work it is row upon row as a diagonal filling stitch as it is also useful to use in geometric patterns. For those who like highly decorative embellished surfaces there is also a beaded version of Fern Stitch

How to work Fern Stitch

The demonstration of this stitch is worked in cotton perle # 5 thread. Fern stitch consists of a simple arrangement of 3 straight stitches.

fern stitch step 1Bring the thread from the back of the fabric and work a straight stitch at an angle.

fern stitch step 2Next work a vertical straight on the left side followed by a vertical straight stitch on the right side.

fern stitch step 3This unit of 3 straight stitches is repeated along the line.

fern stitch step 4You can vary the length of the side spines to create an organic line and by adding french knots or beads to the spiky ‘arms’ of the stitch it can sit even better in a floral spray. If you want to emphasise the central line the spine can be further decorated by whipping the central line with another thread of a different colour or texture.

It is a very simple stitch that lends itself to all sorts of applications and can be taught to children.

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