For the Love of Stitching Sample 597

hand embroidery detail on needlework stitching sampler 597Stitching Sample 597 is found on part 42 of The for Love of Stitching Band Sampler. It is a section of freeform embroidery in which I also added beads to a mix of hand embroidery stitches. hand embroidery detail on needlework stitching sampler Stitches Used: Straight stitch, Satin stitch, French knots, Cross stitch, Rice stitch, Square Boss, Bullion knots and I added bugle and seed beads.

Thread: Hand dyed perle #5 cotton and hand dyed wool, silk, crochet cotton, and also I used 1 stand of Caron watercolours  thread

Fabric: Linda 27 count evenweave

Date: This section of the sampler was worked mid 2009.

Size: The For Love of Stitching Band Sampler is 15 cm (6 inches) wide and consists of different strips of fabric which are stitched together to form one long strip. It currently measures 96 feet 5 inches (2,938.78 centimetres), or  32.138 yards which is 29.3878 meters. It is still growing… For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ page.



Crazy Quilt Detail 411

crazy quilt block embroidery seam detail This area of silk ribbon embroidery is on block 61 of the I dropped the Button Box Quilt. The flowers and leaves are made up of  leaf stitch, with the centre of the flowers made of French knots. I then added some little blue butterflies that are novelty beads. Sprinkled through out are french knots worked in hand dyed cotton thread.

What is the story?
This regularly published series aims to illustrate and document the hand embroidered seams, embellishments and decorations on my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. All articles are categorised in the projects under Crazy Quilt details which enables readers to browse back through the series.
Free Crazy quilt block patterns
In the process of documenting the seam decorations on this quilt, as I get to each block I am diagramming it out for readers as a free crazy quilt pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

TAST Week 16 Highlights

It appears lots of people really enjoyed working French Knots as this weeks challenge. Its time for the weekly round up so make a cuppa, take a few moments out of a busy day and let me share with you some of the samples that caught my eye.   Once again dont let these few samples lead you to think, that these are the only worthwhile samples to be seen. Follow some of the links in the comments, of week 16 and I promise you there is more eye candy to be seen.

sample of hand embroidered french knots

First of all over on Fatquarter there is this delightful little sample of French Knots tucked into folds of fabric. Dont miss the other samples on the same page.

sample of hand embroidered french knots

Over on Beading Arts I enjoyed these scattered French knots

sample of hand embroidered french knots

Once again the man with two z’s in his name is being featured as Luiz Vaz of Embroiderland enjoyed, as I did, giving life to these fish. Read the rest of his blog to see lots of other eye candy too.

sample of hand embroidered french knots

See Home Made by Me for a larger version of this sample of French knots worked in silk ribbon

sample of hand embroidered french knots

A very interesting sample was worked over on Creative Daily, as Lorraine worked 3 wrap knots in a  variety of thread thicknesses to see what the result would be.

sample of hand embroidered french knots

And who could resist this little lamb over on Brodibidouillages de Compagnie

I hope you enjoyed these few featured piece don’t forget to follow the links in the comments of week 16 to see more

Further information about the TAST challenge

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category