TAST Week 19 Highlights

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitchOnce again it’s time for the weekly TAST round up, so make a cuppa, and let me share with you some of the samples that caught my eye.

Many people really enjoyed working and experimenting with half chevron. There were lots of humorous interpretations.  Every  week choosing what to feature is hard as the examples are so good. I aim for 5 featured pieces but every Monday I become for some reason numerically challenged!

Dont let these few samples lead you to think that these are the only worthwhile samples to be seen. Follow some of the links in the comments, of week 19 and I promise you there is more eye candy to be seen.

First up I loved this diving tower from Caro Rose Creations  (bit worried about what the the top guy is thinking of doing)

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

I really liked Juliet’s Balcony worked by MariaInez L.Ribeiro dos Santos.

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

Miriam over on Borduurblog had a crocodile invasion.

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

Brigitte Otto on Stitchin Fingers worked this lovely design using half chevron on the border.

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

Chris over on Ella’s Craft Creations worked a lovely mandala so visit to see the rest of it.

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

Debbie of Jerusalem Notes worked single units in a pattern.

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

Anna Kousi on stitchin fingers also used single unit to great effect

sample of hand embroidered half chevron stitch

This sun disk also made me smile Isabelle of Pierres Papiers Ciseaux

Further information about the TAST challenge

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

How to hand embroider Half Chevron stitch

Half Chevron stitch sample 2

Half Chevron stitch is an interesting variety of Chevron stitch with one side of the stitch being worked with a similar hand motion. You can work this stitch on plain and even weave fabric in most types of embroidery thread to create useful border or outline stitch, which follows curves well. This stitch is great to use as a foundation line of stitching on the  seams of a crazy quilting project. You can work this stitch back to back with the points facing as in the sample above.

Work from left to right on two imaginary parallel lines. If you are working on fabric that is not an even weave you can mark guide-lines on the fabric using one of the fade out or water dissolvable pens available on the market but do make sure that it will disappear as this stitch does not cover the whole line marked.

How to work Half Chevron Stitch

Step by step illustration of how to work half chevron stitch 1Bring the thread out through the fabric on the left of the lower imaginary line. Insert the needle a little to the right on the same line, and with the needle emerging at the middle make a small stitch.

Step by step illustration of how to work half chevron stitch 2Take the needle up and insert on the upper imaginary line and make a small stitch pointing the needle downward. Have the thread looped under the needle. Take the needle through the fabric.

Step by step illustration of how to work half chevron stitch3Move diagonally across to the right and insert the needle on the lower line, bringing the needle out a little to the left, and pull the needle through the fabric. Still working on the bottom imaginary line take the needle across to the right and insert, bringing it once again out in the middle. Work this way along the row.

Half Chevron stitch sample 9

Half Chevron stitch is very effective worked back to back and you can build up interesting and complex patterns using it.

Half Chevron stitch sample 10Take some time to experiment as you can do simply oodles with this stitch. Beads can be added, ribbons or thread can be laced through the stitch and you are really only limited by your imagination.

Half Chevron stitch sample 4You can stack this stitch overlapping row upon row to create a patterned filling stitch.


Half Chevron stitch sample 6These are single half chevron stitches that have been turned on their side. Once again it is easy to add beads to this formation or use it for couching. You can also work a line of stitches on a curve.

Half Chevron stitch sample 7


Another way is to work single instance of Half Chevron stitch is to place them in a square which is effective as a little motif that can be repeated to build up patterns.

Half Chevron stitch sample 8You can also place the individual stitches in a cross which can also be used a repeating motif to build up patterns – or you can combine the two!


Half Chevron stitch sample 5Yet another option with this stitch is to swing either side of the line, individual half chevron stitches back to back to form patterns. The stitch can be worked on a gentle curve and when you swing them from side to side even more interesting things happen.

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