TAST Highlights

People seem to really enjoy both open and closed based needle woven picot stitches. I actually had a really hard time trying to keep the featured samples to just 5. In fact I didn’t manage it.

Don’t miss the samples Queeniepatch has worked over on Queenie’s Needlework. The samples really are imaginative and fresh

I smiled at Claudia’s banana!

Over on Playful Stitching, Lucy Landry produced a very unusual flower

Over on Pierres, Papiers, Ciseaux there is a tree decoration using this stitch

CrazyQstitcher worked a wonderful flower fairy

On an experimental note I really liked how Raphaela of Textile Explorations, experimented with using different threads for this stitch.

Swing by tomorrow for next weeks stitch. In the meanwhile, I hope the featured samples this week have inspired and you to take a little time out in your busy week to browse the other comments on Take a stitch Tuesday this week.

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