Rosette of Thorns Stitch

Rosette of Thorns is actually a variety of Buttonhole stitch. If you look at it they are a set of 5 buttonhole stitches bunched together at the base with the five arms arranged in a fan. This cluster creates an interesting decorative line. The crown shaped arcs of this stitch can be decorated by adding beads or a French knot. Rosette of Thorns is used in crazy quilting and for decorative borders.

This stitch can be worked in a line or on a gradual curve, with arms of the stitch fanning outwards or in a severe curve to form a circle. It is named Rosette of Thorns as it creates a decorative pattern of crown shapes linked together.

How to work a Rosette of Thorns Stitch

Rosette of Thorns is  a line of grouped buttonhole stitches bunched together at the base with the arms arranged in a fan.  A long buttonhole stitch links each “Crown” of stitches.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step 1Work from left to right along an imaginary line. Bring the thread out on the base line inserting the needle at the angle  illustrated. Loop the working thread under the needle point before pulling the needle through the fabric to form the first loop.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step 2Repeat this process changing the angle of the needle slightly each time.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step 4

If you find it difficult to create a neat arc use a coin as a guide.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step 5

Once the first ‘crown ‘is worked make a long buttonhole stitch.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step6Repeat this pattern of making a cluster of stitches for the crown then a gap, another cluster and so on.

Rosette of Thorns tutorial step7You can create many interesting patterns with this stitch by changing how you space the ‘crowns’ or changing the angles or working two lines back to back.

I hope you enjoy the stitch!

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