TAST Week 37 Highlights

Hand embroidered pistil stitch sample I noticed lots of people said they were happy about being ‘caught up’. Hopefully that meant for most it was a week of more relaxed stitching which allowed for time to explore the stitch.

As usual, I took far too long trying to decided what samples to feature but once again after much angst I made a final decision. ( I love looking at what people have done but find it very hard to select which to highlight)

Over on My Creations Pistil stitch flowers decorated this hat!

Hand embroidered pistil stitch sample

Over on Caro Rose Creations these little birds made me smile!

Hand embroidered pistil stitch sample

Hand embroidered pistil stitch sample

Laurel’s Early Bird made me smile.

On her blog Hopscotch, Barbara posted this delightful seahorse! I found this use of pistil stitch very fresh!

Many people worked flower motifs using pistil stitch. I discovered another fresh treatment  over on Pour une Poignée de Boutons which delighted me. It is Spring in Australia and I liked the mood.

hand embroidered sample of pistil stitch


I hope you have enjoyed the featured samples this week.  Dont forget to swing by and read the comments on week 37 as if you follow some of the links you will discover some great eye candy.

Further information about the TAST challenge

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Pistil Stitch Tutorial

Pistil stitch which is really a French Knot with a tail. It is an interesting stitch which is ideal to use for the centre of flowers or arranged in a circle as flower motif. The weight of the thread will determine the size of the finished stitch. You can also work this stitch using silk ribbon.

Crazy Quilt Block 93 detail 603Pistil stitch is also known as long tack knot stitch and Italian knot stitch but the most common name is Pistil stitch.

Some people find it better to work with the fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop. I recommend that you use a milliner needle as they are the secret weapon in creating many of the knotted stitches. Most embroidery needles have an eye that is wider than the shaft of the needle. Milliners or straw needles have an eye and shaft that are the same width which makes sliding any of the knotted stitches easy. This works for any stitch where part of the process involves wrapping the thread around the needle and then moving the thread along the needle in order to complete the stitch.

To hand embroider Pistil stitch

step by step tutorial for pistil stitch 11. Bring the thread to the front of your fabric. Wrap the thread around the needle twice as you would a french knot and insert the needle back into the fabric a little distance from where it emerged, holding the ‘tail’ of the knot taut and flat to the fabric.

step by step tutorial for pistil stitch 22. Take the needle and thread through to the back of the fabric.


step by step tutorial for pistil stitch 43. At this point it is sometimes helpful to brush the knot down the shaft of the needle with left thumb nail so that it is sitting firmly on the fabric.


step by step tutorial for pistil stitch 34. Hold the knot with your thumb as you pull the thread through to the back of the fabric.

I hope you enjoy this stitch!


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Crazy quilt template set 2

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