Where are all the textile blogs?

Half Chevron stitch sample 10The aroma of coffee permeates, it is still early but I am on my third cup. With a well practiced thrust of the hip I propel my chair closer to the desk. Now in the comfort zone, right hand poised over the mouse I consider once again the search terms I have used. This is a mystery. I am a woman on a mission trawling the internet to find blogs written on the topic of contemporary textiles.

There are blogs that document textile work in progress. These writers demonstrate a concern for the process of creating a textile but I have found few that examine contemporary textile practice and the meaning the objects we create might play in our lives. Documenting the process is fine, and one level should be done for too many makers have become faceless and unknown over time. Those who created particularly domestic textiles such as quilts never even signed their name to a work let alone kept records of construction and progress. However I am greedy and I want more. I would enjoy more reflection and dare I say critical analysis about textile objects as they are created. I am curious. Do people ask themselves the same questions I do? As I work many questions and ideas about the implications of using textiles as a medium are raised. For instance why in an era of digital technology do objects created by hand still resonate with people. I know practitioners of textiles who do think. So I have been looking for those people who express those thoughts using the web. If not questioning the practice of the hand made I am interested in sites that point to resources online. Sadly I have found few.

Serena Fenton’s Layers of Meaning however is one of the exceptions. Most mornings I sip my coffee as I read her latest entry. Usually she has turned up something interesting on topics such as surface design, art quilts, contemporary embroidery and book arts. Thanks Serena!

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