Photo album of Canberra fires up

Last night I finally put up the promised images from the Canberra fires of 2003 As I have explained in the introduction to the album, I live in one of the suburbs where residents fought the fires, many losing their homes. After the fires in Canberra on January 18 2003 I spent a few hours each day taking photos of the devastation around me. Every day my partner and myself walked the district and I took hundreds of photos in the months afterwards.

I am not a photographer and at the time could not make sense of why I was doing this. One morning I realised that this activity was my way of trying to make sense of the experience and that there is simply no way to make sense of the tragedy. I haven’t taken a photo in the district since that morning.

However recently I have had the energy and will to start sorting them out. The contents of this album are a few images from the many films I exposed during that time. Some were taken with a digital camera others are film.

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