Crazy patchwork bras!

I want one! was my immediate reaction to these bras. Then I remembered that I am at an age where foundation garments are feats of modern engineering. Does wearable art have to be wearable?

A Way to Women’s Wellness has produced a calendar of 30 ‘art bras’ as a fundraiser for breast cancer research. There is some great pieces there including crazy patch worked ones over embellished and standing proud in all their glory!

On another note – How is the to do list coming on? I have the Y2K crazy quilt online now under the title of I dropped the button box . This is really an album of eye candy for those quilters on various crazy quilting discussion lists I subscribe to. This is a Y2K quilt as it has 2001 different bits in it. In other words 2001 different pieces of either fabric, lace, braid, charm, buttons or ribbon. I was a bit short on the number, but my button collection saved the day – hence the title.

For me crazy quilting is about relaxation. I have my serious work and my crazy quilting. It never ceases to challenge me but often it is the pleasure of thread against luxurious fabric that I take pleasure in. Hope people enjoy the album.


  1. I love the bras… They look perfectly wearable to me, but then again I’m a belly dancer as well as a wearable arts designer. 🙂 Hmmmm. I think I see a crazy quilted dance costume in my future… If you want to wear one you’ve made, the suggestion I have, as a dancer: buy a cup size larger than your regular bra size. Then when the stitching shrinks the size, it’ll still fit. And don’t forget to add a lining for comfort!

    Thank you, Sharon, I’ve used and recommended your stitch pages for years. Now I’m doing the same with your blog…

  2. So impressed with the bras; they make me happy. Thanks for putting them on your site, which I just discovered a few weeks ago. I was looking for embroidery stitches for decorating felt Easter eggs I made – I hadn’t embroidered in many years. Your stitch illustrations are perfect, so clear and easy to follow. The eggs turned out well.

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