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Through the week Valerie Hearder droped me an email to let me know that her new website was up. Since I was so busy last week I did not have a chance to write about it- so this morning I thought I would draw it to everyone’s attention.

Valerie Hearder is a well established international contemporary textile artist whose art quilts often taken the form of landscape. She has published books, written articles for magazines and her work has been published in a number of publications.

I always feel there is a tension between belonging in the environment and simply imposing our presence in our environment. Valerie Hearder occasionally manages to catch this complex feeling in her imagery. I feel this is particularly the case with the piece “Fragment: Rock Houses” which I have republished here.

Valerie Hearder’s site houses a gallery of over 30 of her quilts, information about her teaching and books and two articles the first Using Teflon sheet for Fusible Applique and the second Creative Block Busters are worth reading. A bibliography of her favourite books is also online and information about tools and products that she uses.

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  1. i am using Valerie Hearder for an influence in my art GCSE. I have been looking for a textiles artist to use for the inspiration aspect of it and finally found valeries website that has really helped me in my coursework. Please pass on my regards!

    Holly McNicol

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