Amanda Perkins Contemporary embroidery and Quilts

When I first visited the UK I was struck immediately by how green everything was. Coming from a drought plagued environment the rich landscape seemed a fairy tale to me. I had been raised on European folklore and of course had read JR Tolkein’s books. So for me the experience of visiting parts of England was like stepping into a fantasy land. I can easily see how anyone living in this place would draw on a British mythology and landscape as a source of inspiration.

Inspired by this combination Amanda Perkins creates contemporary fiber works that hint at the long tradition of textiles. Amanda Perkins states on her site that she thinks of her pieces ” as small forgotten fragments, to be found in dusty museums. It is a tribute to women through the ages who have sat and sewed, commemorating victory or defeat.”

Amanda Perkins site houses a gallery, images of working samples, works for sale, and cards. Amanda Perkins also has a second site which offers naturally dyed fabrics

Image: Mirkwood 39 x 14 inches (c) Amanda Perkins

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