My new site up!

Well I have had dancing fingers across a keyboard for the last two weeks or so and have been busting to tell people about a my new site which is just born – all red in the face, wrinkly and squawking.

I had a problem to solve because up until now I have had my web based art projects on one server, the stitch collection on another server and this blog as well as the Wisdom of the ages bloglet in another place again! I wanted people who were thinking about contributing to be able to find the various projects I have done easily not have to traipse all over the net to find something. The other thing that was happening was that people were discovering the stitch collection but not my web work or finding the web based projects but not the stitch collection.

So I lashed out, lived dangerously and purchased some server space. Eventually the albums that hang off this site will move over there and last but not least this blog will move too – don’t fret not too soon and plenty of warning posted here.

The stitch collection has a search engine added to it and as I said all my art projects are on the site. As well as links to this blog and its albums. The site is named sharon b’s in a minute ago as the title seemed to stick in people’s minds.

Although it is a dot com I am not selling anything from site. A domain name just seemed to be the way to go. Yesterday my old sites were pulled down and redirection pages set in place for the key pages. I know people have particularly the stitch collection site book marked in their favourites so could I ask people to update bookmarks and if you have been kind enough to link to my site to change it etc and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Please, please, please (visualize me clasping hands with a generally pathetic pleading expression on my face here) spread the word as google, yahoo etc take weeks to change! Today I will start the task of writing an email people who have linked to my site and telling them about the changes – so I still have work to do.

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