I have a great resource and community site to chatter on about this morning. is a newly launched site for quilters but I am sure if you have a general interest in textiles no one will mind if you muscle in. has a chat forum, a news section, which pulls in news items from a number of main stream media sources (very handy), links, webrings, and wait for it

Drum roll please.

A blog aggregator, now if that term is double dutch to you, go to the site and click on blogs, what you see is what is referred to as a syndicated list of blogs. In other words, if you are interested in reading blogs that relate to textiles they are pulled in daily into one spot. Simply go there and you can read either a snippit or the whole post of what has been published by bloggers who cover this topic. If something sparks your interest about the post click and you are on the blog and read on.

Another simply wonderful thing about this site is that you do not need to login. Logins are the bane of my life as I always forget user name and password. I have a few key ones that I use but often the user name is taken or something and I need to think up another, which I forget. There is no technical reason to have this blocking device up on a site so full marks to this site as it appears they are genuinely interested in creating a community. This is one that is going in my sidebar.

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