Janet Ghio – Fiber artist

Many textile practitioners collect and hoard fabric and thread. We all talk about our stash , moan about storing it, keeping it organized is the bane of our lives but we love our treasures.

For Janet Ghio these treasures, that Janet Ghio actively hunts for, stimulate her imagination and work. I suspect this is the case for most textile practitioners – we have this in common – hence the stash that everybody has. Janet Ghio explains that she follows her intuition when designing. Often her work will evolve and takes on a presence for her and “creates itself”.

On a foundation of hand dyed fabric using both machine and hand stitching in a variety of threads her work is quilted, embroidered and embellished with beads and charms. Janet Ghio describes her pieces as “tributes to the magic, strength, and mystery of women.”

Many of the crazy quilters who read this blog would know Janet Ghio’s work as one of her pieces “Autumn Fairy” was selected for Quilting Arts Calendar cover 2003. However it is her three dimensional work that caught my eye. Many quilters simply work in 2D so I always notice when people start to create objects. Fabric books and journal panels are a recent interest in the community so I thought I would draw attention to her work. The image here is one of Janet Ghio’s fabric books discovered in the ‘whats new’ section of her site.

On Janet Ghio’s site there is a gallery of work, a bio page which includes an exhibition list and contact details.

Image: fabric book Kisses copyright Janet Ghio

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