Pansy Complete!

As you can see I have finished the experimental sample of the pansy I started the other day. I am quite pleased with the way MacStitch translated the photograph into a chart. From a distance of two meters it looks like paint – you need to be a meter a way before you see it as stitching. Now I love this sort fakery but wonder if the game of dishonesty ie fooling people into thinking its paint is actually a good idea as there is something to be said for staying true to the medium. On the other hand the word art comes from artifice.

This philosophical question I will have to consider but I think I will be employing this program as a design tool quite a bit as I have developed a number of images in Adobe Photoshop and have often thought that they would be interesting translated into even weave stitches. Notice I have said even weave stitches, as although cross stitch will produce a painterly effect – which is the effect most people want I know – I would like to bring to the front the fact that a piece is a textile. In other words I like the visual trickery but I would like the surprise to be the fact that it is stitched and stitched in a visually interesting manner.

Just imagine for a minute if this piece was done – large i.e. at least 50 cms (20 inches) using this program as a base then shifting the embroidery to a more contemporary style. I am not going to work this image I am just using it as an example.

For the moment however think about images created in Photoshop from scans of the items and letters sent, then translated into stitchery. One of the questions that interests me in this project is what happens in the communication process of when it is mediated via technology and over time. The time element is an interesting one particularly since textile processes are so slow to create. Choosing to represent the world in stitchery is a statement in its own right, particularly in an era that relates time to money. Anyway, they are the thoughts at the moment I will have to work a few more samples on linen and substituting stitches in order to see how they read visually. I will keep you posted as to the progress and hope you find the process interesting.

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