There is a new kid on the block croque-choux is a new textiles and craft blog which looks as if it will be an interesting read. Lately Sandra has been making fabric postcards. These caught my eye as I have often been tempted with this format but can’t stand the idea of dealing with the edges. I like stitching but the assembly phase for anything is a pain so I like to keep it simple and I run screaming from the idea of binding such little things. Also Sandra has been making a fabric book – go an check out her site, leave a comment and welcome her to the world of blogging. Ok I am out the door … Go on – go and do it!


  1. Hi Sharon! (see me waving?)
    Gosh, thanks for visiting my site and for the g-mail invite. Ohmygoodness! I can’t believe you mentioned my blog on your site… (blush, stammer, shuffle feet), I’m real- I’ve been linked to!
    Enjoy your day-

  2. ummm, don’t know what is happening with my comment…
    this will be the 3rd attempt to say it…the others
    seemed to have vanished after i hit the button below.

    but thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a
    comment. i’be been a regular reader of yours for a while now.
    hangeth in and peace

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