Doll is a work in progress blog kept by Mimi Kirchner who documents her experiments and ideas as she creates these highly expressive dolls. I discovered this blog as Mimi wrote to me in response to my post the other day her email was so interesting that I quote it in full here with her permission.

I think the discussion going on is really interesting. I have found blogging to be an excellent way of keeping myself focused. I used to work in a studio building with lots of other artists. (it burned down 5 years ago ) If I didn’t show up for a week or 2, my studio friends would wonder what had happened to me. Just knowing that anyone would notice kept me aware of my work habits. The blog works the same way- even if no one but me was looking. It is a visual record of my work habits. I have found it amazingly satisfying to watch the archives build up… and very upsetting when I lost some of my posts to a spam bug. It made me more aware of how important the posting had become.

Other benefits-
I am horrible at PR but I realize that just making my dolls and no one ever seeing them is sort of pointless. Blogging is a painless way of putting my work out into the world.
I use the blog as a storage place for links and other information… sort of my online filing cabinet.
It is a way of keeping track of what I have actually done- ever since I had babies (the oldest is 20 now!), I am always feeling like I never get anything concrete accomplished. The blog is a constant reminder.
I met one real live person in my area who is making wonderful dolls.

What I expected to get when I started but haven’t yet- I had an idea that there might be a doll blogging community that I could connect with. That hasn’t happened yet. I have found very few other serious doll artists’ journals.
I think there is still a large gap between the artists and the computer technology- especially among older artists. I am married to a computer scientist which is why I got into it.

Thanks Mimi for sharing this as maintaining a creative practice, particularly if as in the majority of cases the practice is financially marginal is very difficult. All insights are useful and worth sharing. I have not come across many doll makers who keep a blog. Are there any out there lurking around here? I would love to know if there are.


  1. I like Mimi’s blog too .. I made a wig recently using her instructions. I have a doll making blog too. I think it’s fun to write and I try to write helpful articles. I’m just starting into posting tutorials on my site. I agree with Mimi’s post that it’s a good way to get your name out there and share your work. We should start a doll blog ring!
    My blog is:

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