What’s in the pieced box?

There has been a flurry of fabric in my workroom. It’s funny how fabrics have personalities of their own. Some are loud and brash and yell at you in a rude and demanding manner while others are quiet, demure and well behaved. Other still sit in a corner and whistle little tunes to themselves but make everybody feel happy in the process. Others are shy and easily overlooked but when you pick them up you discover they are little gems. Then there are always those that stand aloof in the corner and declare “I am serious” and the only way to relate them is to treat them that way. I have been trying to deal with such personalities lately particularly the bright, colourful, loud and brash sort kinder souls call them jewel tones. I see them as brash and always difficult to keep in control.

Last week I mentioned that the way I work is to piece a whole batch of crazy quilting blocks ready to be picked up and embroidered in spare moments or in the evenings after work. After the seams are embroidered the final stage is to add buttons and beading.

I include lace ribbons and the like as I piece so the piecing phase always causes chaos. While I had the machine out and fabric, lace and ribbons from one end of the room to the other I decided to top up my ‘ready to stitch ‘ box. So here it is filled to the brim with odd bits and pieces.

Since this photograph does not really indicate the depth of this box it is unfair to simply show you the box So I tipped out its contents as it is about 6 inches deep and I can fit a fair few blocks in there. So there is this batch of crazy quilt blocks. Just in case you are curious pinned to my design board.

Then there is these blocks too! I did go a bit overboard with the amount of piecing I have done this year. I had decided I would do a few more than usual because I will be in the writing phase of my thesis so I will not have time to haul out the machine and do some piecing if I run out. I didn’t really expect to make up quite so many however. On the other hand I have no idea how much time and energy this phase of the PhD will take up either. So it’s hard to estimate what I will be able to stitch this year. Either the writing will take over and I will have little time for stitching or the writing phase will drive me so batty that I stitch for relief. It will work either one way or the other and I don’t have any idea which way it will turn. The thesis is my biggest UFO but this year because my submission date is looming I will be working hard at it.

Finally I felt that in all fairness I had to photograph what was on the go. This is the bottom draw of my sewing cabinet with three items still in progress. I have another 4 blocks that are waiting to be beaded at the bottom of that draw which you can’t see.

So that is what is on the drawing board for this year.

Now I am off to water the iris I divided yesterday before I go to work.

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  1. I just found this site today. I am amazed at the quantity of work you have lined up for yourself! I thought I was busy! What are you studying and what is the subject of your theses? My hat is off to you.

    Sybil Horton

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