A little experiment with a Fiber Postcard

A little experiment with a Fiber Postcard

Ok I am not sure if this is ugly or interesting. Have you ever had the sensation after you have completed something that you are just not sure? That yikes! should I admit to this and just tuck it away, or should I wave it around and celebrate. This is the case with this fiber postcard.

It is a combination of freeform knitting and crochet with canvas stiches worked on needlepoint mesh. I wanted to try the combination of two techniques to see what would happen. I treat these little fabric postcards as experiments and that is exactly what this one is.

I think next time I combine two techniques like this I would have smaller scrumbles – the term used for freeform knitting and crochet bits – and introduce more variety into the threads of both the embroidery and scrumbles.

The technique is either interesting and could be used on items such as bags and hats or it just does not work. I like the texture and the fact that the technique moves canvas work off the grid. The photograph does not illustrate this well but the levels between flat canvas work stiches and the texture of the freeform crochet work is interesting. If this was emphasised even more it could take the piece somewhere. If I included more beads or found objects that could take it somewhere too.

On the other hand the thing that attracts me to it – the texture, is also the thing that perhaps repels me. It reminds me of some of the stuff that was done in 70’s and I can’t decide if that is a good or a bad thing. Hence the puzzling reaction.

The colours are simply autumnal as it is autumn down under. The format itself of the fabric postcard is a good size for hand stitched experiments and samples. It is not too large and yet as an area large enough to do something with.


  1. Hi Sharon, My first impression was that it was a very interesting piece. Sort of like, “my, what is this”? I like it. But I understand how you feel, I often feel the same way. We have just been looking at it for so long trying to make sense of it and suddenly there is nothing more to do. Usually, I show it to someone and they like it.

  2. Mmmm, I quite like the right hand side of the postcard, but the LH side colours are not so good. Also the beads seem too large and not an integral part of the work. Hey, but you can post it to me any day for me to treasure!

  3. LOL – Mary that is very tactful – I think the colours are throwing some people off – it looks fine on my machine but I had a look at it from work yesterday and YUK!
    Anyway whats the expression there are not mistakes only opportunities to learn …

  4. I have the same mixed feelings about it–I’m not sure if it’s the colors or the juxtaposition of the elements. There is an uncoordinated air about it. I’m not sure more “bits and pieces” will do it either but maybe it’s a good idea to leave it and come back at another time. Anyway, I still love what I see and read and experience through your blog. Thank you for your effort. Mary O’C

    Mary O'C
  5. Mmmmm – I like the textures, just not sure about the colours – and that might be my screen. I can see this as a mobile phone purse…..

    And, what was it about the Seventies??? If you can remember them, you weren’t really there????

    Maybe I can see of form of scrumbling that it crochet and freeform tatting – I DO NOT KNIT!!!!

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