Just one More Stitch and Fiber Inspirations

Just one More Stitch and Fiber Inspirations

I am still working on my next post in the series on crazy quilting so stay tuned as it will go online either tomorrow or Friday. Thank you everyone who has left a comment it is very encouraging. I have responded in the comments section of each post. In the meanwhile I would like to point to a couple sites and textile related blogs.

Cantana maintains a blog titled Just one more stitch which has a key focus on crochet but ranges over other fiber arts as well. Recently Cantana has commenced a new blog Fiber Inspirations which will cover her wider textile interests. Cantana markets handmade bags and fashion accessories from her home page, CatanasNeedleworks.


  1. Sharon, thanks so much for the mention. Just to let you know, though, that I decided to expand the scope of Just One More Stitch, and not continue with Fiber Inspirations. Unfortunately, Bloglines doesn’t allow for deletion of blogs. I set it to be private, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to keep it from being seen at all.

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