New blogs by Crazy Quilters

New blogs by Crazy Quilters

There are a few more crazy quilters who have started blogging. I am delighted to see Suzannemi who is active on the crazy quilting discussion lists has started a new blog Queen emBelle and Nancilyn What Bloggles My Mind. At the moment both of them are worried about UFO’s (UnFinnished Objects). I have also stumbled upon The Scoop, Score and Deal by Conni who also designs non-traditional Santas. Aussies scroll down and have a look at the laid back tropical Santa. The next new discovery is Valeri’s Dyeing 2 sew which documents her fiber arts interests. Many crazy quilters will recognize Valeri as she runs Farne Designs .

What I find exciting about this gradual development is that it is great to see the online community of crazy quilters going public, instead of tucking all their knowledge away on discussion lists. The lists are great but unless you know about them people don’t necessarily find them. It means that people who are not on the discussion lists or are unaware of their existence are exposed to this form of quilting which in turn means that new people try it out and take it up. In other words by going public it promotes crazy quilting.


  1. I am new to crazy quilting! I want to make a crazy quilt out of my 40+ year old wedding dress for my granddaughter! I did a hexagon or two but have a BIG questions!…Everything I have read says to stitch the pieces together & then embellish. However, that leaves a lot of unfinished ends of ribbon, lace, etc.

    Seems to me that I should add the embellishments to each piece, then sew them together, then embroider designs!
    Can someone please advise please?

  2. Hi Sharon-
    I have to tell you that I get alot more out of your blog and linking onto others from your sidebar, than trying to keep up with a list. I signed up for 3, and now have about 150 emails to try to catch up with – that’s only after a week. I did learn some things, but it’s alot more work! I made my first crazy quilt- for a doll bed for my grandaughter’s 2nd birthdy. I have been saving the left over material from making my wedding dress, and the shirt I made for my husband to wear for 32 years now. My idea was to make a crazy quilt with it, but I never could find instructions,ideas, etc until I happened upon a small book about 2 years ago, and then your blog, so I decided to do the doll quilt for practice. Well, that kind of got off the subject!


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