Allison Aller

Allison Aller

Allison Aller is a contemporary crazy quilter who has recently launched a website housing images of her crazy quilts and projects. Thses include interesting projects such as her “art bras” made for the way to Women’s Wellness Foundation.

From her site Allison Aller is also selling a range of one off crazy quilted bags. Bags of all varieties are wonderful bite sized projects for those who are new to crazy quilting or for old hands who do not want to embark upon a large long term project. Allison describes bags as being a contained design exercise which results in an object. For those who are not crazy quilters yet would like to own one I suggest you just pop over to Alison Aller’s site with credit card in hand.

Allison has also started a blog under the simple title Work in progress in which she plans to document just that – her work in progress and share tips and tricks. So with the launch of this site we have another crazy quilter who is keeping a blog.

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