Aisling D’Art

Aisling D’Art

Aisling D’Art is self described as a “how-to website”. This is a well known and popular site but for those who have not discovered it there are good number of resources published here to browse.

“Art journaling” is a key section which houses articles on creating visual journals and collage in visual journals. This section of the site also includes scanned pages of Aisling’s own journals. For dollmakers there is a section on making art dolls which contains examples, free tips and patterns for dollmaking. Since Aisling is also a quiltmaker and fabric artist the Fabric Art section houses images of her work, information about various areas of fabric art and instructions on how to collage a Tote Bag.

Other gems on the Aisling D’Art which are not so obvious include a good section about online success and for studio based artists an excellent list of resources and articles on the Business of Art . If you are not aware of this site browse around as there is much information and many resources to draw upon on Aisling’s site.

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