World Wide Knit in Public day June 11

World Wide Knit in Public day June 11

For all those knitters out there, I am sure you know but just a reminder that June 11 is World Wide Knit in Public day . I had assumed that knitters in Oz would be joining in on this but I could not see any information about it on the site. Did Aussie knitters not get their act together?

Why knit in public? In part it is to raise the visibility of knitting and the arts that are associated with women’s ‘craft’ practice. The term Guerilla Knitting has been coined for the practice of knitting in public which is done often in groups. The good old stitch and bitch has gone public as a form of activism. This takes knitting to a level where it becomes a politically engaged art form which for some, aims to highlight the social traditions around textiles, question the values associated with consumerism and is a way of building community. And you thought it was just a get together for a gossip!


  1. Hi! I’m ther person who started WWKIP day, and I just wanted to let your readers know that we’ve got a bunch of volunteers. There’s already 2 organizers in France, and I expect a couple more.

    If there’s any questions you have, please just ask.

    Thank you,

    Here you will find some information, it’s 2006 June 10th !
    The site will grow in the next days (it is just the beginning to-day !)
    Hope valérie and kristiina will get the info !
    Ps valerie tu peux me contacter par le blog du café tricot Brentano’s, cherche brentano’s café-tricot par google.
    A bientôt !

  3. hello,
    we are wondering here in Paris when is this year’s KIP day. We are planning some meetings, especially one in Paris in the franco-american bookstore where our “café-tricot” takes place, and it would be great to know lots of people will knit in public to !

  4. Hello there !
    My name is Valerie, and I work for Le Figaro Magazine, in France. I knit too and am very interested by the 11 of june event. Could you tell me where I could find informations : when it started and who launched it, what country, who, who, who ?????
    Read you soon !

    valerie lejeune

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