Long Weekend reading blogs before going away and falling silent for a while.

Long Weekend reading blogs before going away and falling silent for a while.

Once upon a time I would curl up with a trashy novel on a long weekend. I still do but today I have been catching up on what various textile practitioners have been blogging recently.

Firstly Allison has posted some good tips on piecing particulary using interfacing . Maureen of CQ Crazy has posted instructions on how to stitch a spider. You will often find a spider included somewhere on a crazy quilt block because there is a tradition that a spider on a block brings good luck.

Pam Kellog too has been busy pushing information out there as well. Pam has a Corticelli Booklet which she has been scanning and putting online page by page. The full booklet is now online blogged mainly on June 12th but it may be easier to simply go to Pam’s Kitty and Me flickr stream

Of course some of the motifs can be used in crazy quilting but I was interested to see an interesting version of thorn stitch on page 17 of the instructions. I am sure that Crazy quilters will love this combination of feather and chain stitch.

On the visual resources front Gina has been sharing images from her grand mothers autograph book. Also Meggiecat never fails its seems to come up with something interesting for the Frankie files. This week she posted a very unusual envelope

Recently people have been talking about and posting vintage crinoline lady embroidery designs or in America I think they are called Southern Belles. This week Paul of 100 years of Illustration has posted images of an undocumented illustrator Anna Whelan Betts. Take a look at these. I always get a kick out of tying trends in popular embroidery motifs to trends in illustration. It places the motifs in a cultural context. I am sure there are dozens of illustrations like this that form part of the general sources that designers drew upon but they are interesting to see and make the connection.

Linda of Chloe’s place has discovered two more textile practitioners who keep blogs. The first is another contemporary crazy quilter’s blog. Marg describing her interests as covering such areas as sewing, quilting, doll collecting and making, book binding and drawing, has titled her blog The crazy spider. Bonnie is also interested Fiber and Textile Art and keeps Dakini Dreams which covers beading, art dolls, visual journals and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).

On a personal front at work it is currently assessment time before the mid year break so there will be little or no posts for a while. Straight after assessments I will be going interstate for a few weeks. Mum has not been well this year so I will be catching up with her and the rest of the family. So if you feel link deprived check out the links in my side bar of people I read. I am sure you will enjoy their company as much as I do.

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  1. Hi, I couldn’ find your email since I had to have my hard drive reformatted. I wanted to let you know that I finally used the information that you posted about making an icon for blogs or websites when people save them to their favorites list. Thanks for posting about that. I love seeing the icons on my favorites list.

    Also, I’ve been working on variations in paper (sketch, collage, pastels, etc… of a crazyquilt heart that I made years ago. I’ve posted some of the results on my blog and thought you might like to take a peek.

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