Journal Skirts by Rice Freeman Zachery

Journals of one type or another can be kept in all sorts of mediums These Journal Skirts by Rice Freeman Zachery caught my eye.

Firstly because splitting jeans up the inside leg and inserting fabric to turn them into skirts in order to embellish the area is something I used to do 30 years ago. I think I still have one around that was a skirt then eventually after much wear, it was chopped off and made into a bag. I don’t have time right now if I can find it I will photograph it. It’s very worn and very much a thing of is era but I am sure some people will be amused.


  1. very cute- I used to do this about 30 years ago as well. I had a pair of overalls with pine tree shaped patches filling the middle – we lived in Northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon . . . I loved it. I’ll have to see if I can scan the old faded picture and show you ;p


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