Tricks of sewing on the Bias

Tricks of sewing on the Bias

One of the things I am want to in costume is cutting more garments – or parts there of, on the bias. I have mentioned this recently to a couple of people and the reaction is one of wide eyed wonder as if this was some sort of magic thing. It is not that difficult to do and can really change the drape of a garment. Garments cut on the bias do take up more fabric but they have a wonderful drape and ease which is ideal for costuming. It is amazing what you can achieve in just swinging a simple pattern by 45 degrees.

An article by Marcy Tilton Bias 101 explains clearly and simply how it is done. It comes from one of my favourite sewing sites Threads magazine

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  1. Thank you for posting this informative link. I have been wanting to make a bias cut skirt and each weekend I play around, draping the fabric, but I’ve haven’t dared to cut into it yet because I just wasn’t sure about certain things. That article really helped. I will now become the bias cut queen.

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