Minor Dispatches – another blog

Minor Dispatches – another blog

Librarians are trained to classify sifts and sort information and love reading. When they turn to blogging the site they publish is often well written, clearly laid out, and a big plus for me is that they link to stuff online.

Amanda Etches-Johnson is librarian who describes her blog Minor Dispatches as being “knitting, yarn, librarianship, literature, film, urban living, home-ownership, books, fabric, words, sewing, lefty politics, tea, softies, cats, medieval spirituality, and hagiography.”

Blog without a library is where Amanda blogs sites that relate to her professional life. It covers how libraries are making employing blogs, RSS, and other emerging technologies. For anyone interested in the topic of blogging its an interesting site to browse through.

Finally Homebaked is where Amanda offers a number of crafted items for sale. Check Amanda’s sites I have spent a good few hours enjoying myself.

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